Hi. My name is David Tweed. I am an electrical engineer and a software engineer, specializing in the development of systems involving embedded computers, including digital signal processing.

This is my center of operations on the World Wide Web. Below are a couple of my projects.

Circuit Cellar Ink

Index to the magazine

Society for Barefoot Living

People who like to live without shoes.


Parents for Barefoot Children

East Bay Barefoot Hikers

Chelmsford Community Band

An adult nonprofessional community band.

The Concord Band

Another adult nonprofessional community band.

Searchable Comic Strip Indices

Calvin and Hobbes

Now searchable!



Get Fuzzy


My Links Page

My Documentation Page

This page is still under construction.
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If you enjoy this site, or have any questions or comments, I would appreciate hearing from you. Send mail to webmaster.

Many of the pages you'll find on this site were generated from small databases by PERL scripts. If you would like to know how that's done, or need similar work performed, I am available for consulting. Please write.

I've finally put my resume online. Take a look.

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