Circuit Cellar Ink 7
January/February 1989

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Curtis Franklin, Jr.

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The Revolution Continues


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Letters to the Editor


Ed Nisley

ImageWise/PC -- The Digitizing continues -- Part 2

The Hardware

In the second of three parts, Ed Nisley shows the hardware details of this ISA bus gray scale digitizer, and contrasts the design with that of the original serial ImageWise. The starting point is the fundamental design decisions for an IBM/PC I/O bus board.


Bob W. Meister

Build a Remote Analog Data Logger -- Part 2

The Software

In the final installment of the article, we explain the C language software for the Motorola 6809 controller. Bob Meister uses descriptions and examples to cover program logic flow, interrupt handling, and coding for specific routines.

Download: DATALOG.C


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Letters to the INK Research Staff


Ezra Shapiro

INK Spot -- Guest Editorial

A Call for Dedication


Mark Voorhees

The Home Satellite Weather Center -- Part 7

Finishing the Firmware for the 68000 Peripheral Processor

As the 68000-based Peripheral Processor moves closer to completion, Mark Voorhees wraps up the controlling firmware for the system. This installment shows how to integrate Weather Facsimile (WEFAX) reception and interface the Heathkit ID-4001 and ID-5001 weather instruments to the Peripheral Processor.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

AC Power Line Transmission


Jack Ganssle

Writing A Real-Time Operating System -- Part 1

A Multitasking Event Scheduler for the HD64180

In the first of two parts, Jack Ganssle explains the concepts behind a real-time operating system (RTOS) and shows how an RTOS differs from a general-purpose operating system. He then moves into the beginning of the actual code with the scheduling algorithm and central Task Control Block.

Note: Files are available in INK 8.


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Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

Real Numbers -- Number Crunching for the 8751



Ken Davidson

ConnecTime -- Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS


Steve Ciarcia

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