Circuit Cellar Ink 21
June/July 1991

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Curtis Franklin, Jr.

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John Dybowski

S-ARTnet -- A Powerful Controller Network

Designing a Low-cost Network Around the S-ART

SART devices provide a simple, cost-effective method for distributed control networking. In the first of two parts, we show you the hardware for an example control network.


Chris Ciarcia

Software at the Hardware Level

Programming TSRs for Interrupt Handling

Terminate and Stay Resident programs can do far more than just intercept keystrokes. Here's how to begin writing your own "background" programs for utility and control.

Download: TSRS.ZIP


Jim Butler

A Simple RS-485 Network

Exploit the Nine-Bit Serial Communication Modes of the 8051, 8096BH, 68HC11, 68HC05, and Z180 Microcontroller Families

RS-485 is a perfect standard for networking controllers. A solid strategy for network design makes the job easier, and the result more powerful.


Markus A. Levy

Interfacing Microsoft's Flash File System

Using Flash Memory Under MS-DOS

Intel's Flash memory is gaining ground in system designs. Microsoft's Flash extensions make it easy to turn a Flash memory board into a nonvolatile RAM disk for a desktop computer.


Steve Ciarcia

PDF Touch-Tone Interactive Monitor

A Watchdog in Every Home

Dr. Doolittle talked to the animals. Steve Ciarcia proves that having your house talk to you can be fascinating and useful.

Download: DTMF.ZIP


Ken Davidson

PDF CEBus Update: More Physical Details Available

CEBus continues to pick up steam in home automation. The latest in our series on the EIA Home Automation Standard features new information on physical layers and implementation news.


Ken Davidson

PDF Echelon's Local Operating Network

The Year of the LON?

New developments keep showing up in home automation. Echelon's Local Operating Network (LON) promises easier implementation and faster development for advanced building automation applications.


Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

The Furnace Firmware Project Concludes: Hard Data for Home Control

Download: FF21.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

IR Communications -- An Essential Link in the Chain of Control


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

The MC68HC16 -- Stretching 8 Bits to the Limit


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Scott Robert Ladd

Practical Algorithms

Filtering Sampled Signals -- Software DSP

Download: FILTER.ZIP


Ken Davidson

ConnecTime -- Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS


Steve Ciarcia

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