Circuit Cellar Ink 30
December 1992/January 1993

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Ken Davidson

Editor's INK

Same Great Articles, Twice as Often


Reader's INK

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Sanjaya Vatuk

Build the SmartROM EPROM Emulator

If you feel like you're not swatting program bugs fast enough with erase-and-burn firmware development, try this EPROM emulator. A debug session is just a download away.



Robin Brophy

68705 SLUSH

Not Quite an ICE, But Just as Useful

What happens when you need a hardware-based debugging tool, but don't need the power of a full-blown In-Circuit Emulator (ICE)? You make something not quite as cool and call it a SLUSH.

Download: SLUSH.ZIP


Paul Hitchcock

Program 8748/49s with the DAR-49

The 8748/9 has been around forever, but people still have trouble when it comes time to program its internal EPROM. With the right combination of dumb hardware and smart software, the DAR-49 is one inexpensive solution.

Download: DAR49.ZIP


Tom Cantrell

LCD Lineup

Getting Graphic with the LM213B

Picture this: You have an application that needs more than just plain text display capability. Here's a graphic example of an LCD module that can handle bit-mapped drawing.

Download: LM213.ZIP


Lisa Nadile

Winners in the Fourth Annual Circuit Cellar Design Contest


Russell Lindgren

Microvolt Measurements

Use a 20-bit A/D Converter in Your Next Design

Memory sizes continue to grow, data buses get wider, and effective resolutions on A/D converters keep increasing. Find out some tricks to getting 20 bits of precision from this ADC.

Download: 20BITADC.ZIP


Michael Swartzendruber

Build a Computer-Controlled Multiswitch System

The most complicated part of some control systems is the interface to the outside world. A chip from Power Integrations, Inc. makes building that interface just a little bit easier.


Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

Physical Constants & A Mini Interpreter

Open up the junk box, piece together what would normally be an ordinary Boy Scout demonstration, add Ed's magical touch, and you end up with a contraption that teaches more than one concept to more than one group.

Download: FFRAIL.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Entry-level Embedded Development -- On a Shoestring Budget

The market is seeing more and more neat, tiny, inexpensive processors that are perfect for light-duty embedded applications. Jeff checks out the latest from Motorola and is pleased with what he finds.



Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Hot Chips IV -- Silicon Sizzlers

Tom's cooking again with some new chips fresh off the grill. Check out the latest megaprocessors from DEC, AT&T, and Intel, plus some research going on at Stanford University.


John Dybowski

Practical Algorithms

Denominations of Time

Time marches on, and nothing knows that better than the microprocessor in your latest project. There are many techniques for dealing with time; which one you use depends on your hardware.


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