Circuit Cellar Ink 32
March 1993

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Ken Davidson

Editor's INK

Getting the Hang of It


Reader's INK

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Philip C. Pilgrim

A Single-chip Video Wind Gauge

Just when you thought you knew the limits of Microchip's PIC processor, along comes a project that squeezes even more performance out of it. Find out just why the judges picked this project as last year's contest winner.



William Von Novak

Computer-controlled Light Dimmers

Part 1: Theory

The use of computers to control theater lights has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. In this first part, William explains the theory behind stage lighting and electronic dimmers.


Michael Swartzendruber

PDF Control Your Telescope by Voice

With just six voice commands (eight with a little more work) your telescope will be doing tasks that once left you fumbling in the dark under the night sky. This project might be a good excuse to give amateur astronomy a try.


James Grundell

Add Interrupt Support to Polled Parallel Ports

Having to constantly poll a parallel port to watch for changed input bits can eat up a large portion of a processor's time. With the right kind of parallel port, a few extra chips can ease the processor's burden significantly.



Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

Chickens and Eggs: The First Embedded '386SX Programs

The quest for embedded code running on a '386SX motherboard continues as Ed explores basic development tools, startup code, console I/O, and the first real embedded C program.

Download: FF32.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Seven-Segment LEDs Live On

Although LCD displays have taken over where LED displays were once used, LEDs can't be beat for their readability from a distance and in low light. Maxim now has a chip that makes driving them simple.

Download: FTB32.ZIP


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

68K The Easy Way -- Motorola Hits the Mark with the 68306

As today's embedded applications tax 8-bit microcontrollers' capabilities to the limit, the search continues for suitable 16/32-bit replacements. Motorola's latest offering should fill the bill in many cases.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Displays in a Vacuum -- Using Vacuum Fluorescent Displays

While LED and LCD displays are usually used to convey information to the user, vacuum fluorescent displays still have a place in applications where high visibility is important. Find out the basics of using VFDs.


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Ken Davidson

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