Circuit Cellar Ink 39
October 1993

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Ken Davidson

Editor's INK

The Year Ahead


Reader's INK

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


David McFalls

Fire Control for Foundry Furnaces

David unleashes the powers of Apollo to tame the raging maelstrom of Prometheus and creates a link between the bronze age and the age of silicon.



Tom Dahlin

Stepping Up in Performance

Driving High-power Stepper Motors

Moving disk drive heads and mobile robots is easy with small stepper motors and their low power requirements. When you want to move mountains, though, you have to bring in the big guns. Here's how.


Derek Matsunaga

Data Logging Meters are No Fluke

Design Contest Winner

Digital multimeters have everything necessary for data logging applications except one thing: a computer interface. That didn't stop one intrepid designer, who found a little-known feature of certain Fluke meters.

Download: FLUKE83.ZIP


Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

IDs and LCDs: The '386SX Get Positive Identification and a Small Display

Just when you thought you were safe from hardware keys and locks, Ed adds a clever little serial number chip to the Firmware Development Board. Also in the hopper is a small LCD display to impress your friends.

Download: FF39.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

PDF From the Bench

Updating TIM for the HCS II: Add the Touchtone Interactive Monitor to your home control system

You've waited and waited, and it's finally here. The HCS II Telephone Interface offers a registered DAA and complete DTMF transmitter/receiver. There's even an optional text-to-speech interface available for it.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Swiss Army Chip

Although this family of all-in-one chips from WaferScale Integration doesn't have a cork screw or scissors, it will still get you out of some tight spots when board space is at a premium and you need maximum functionality.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Small Memories

Have you ever needed a few hundred bytes of RAM, but didn't have the board space or budget for another full-size chip? Check out some offerings from Dallas Semiconductor and Signetics that could make your life easier.

Download: ET39.ZIP


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Russ Reiss

Patent Talk


Ken Davidson

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Steve Ciarcia

Steve's Own INK

The Race for Power

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