Circuit Cellar Ink 68
March 1996

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

The Mensa House?


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Brian Millier

Capacitive Measurement of Fluid Level

Need to monitor a remote tank? If so, listen up. Brian modifies an idea from a ConnecTime discussion to come up with a microcontroller-based readout with control capability and a trend feature.

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Leon Byerley

Lightning Protection Techniques

Traditional lightning protection fails to adequately protect the complex electrical infrastructure we now have. Leon introduces us to the preemptive protection currently used to improve electrical systems' reliability.


Ron Huber
John Pastre

Thick-Film Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology has made the shift from the simple single-layer circuit to multilayer networks of surface-mount and complex integrated circuits. Ron explains what applications are suitable for hybrid technology.


Bob Perrin

Microvolt-Level Data Acquisition

Microvolt design is no easy task, especially for the uninitiated. Here, Bob exposes the problems that come with microvolt design and explores specific solutions to those problems.


Wayne Thompson

Light Probe for the Blind

Light probes enable visually impaired people "see" light intensity via audio signals. All it takes to build this inexpensive device is a TSL235 converter, an AT-17 audio transducer, and a custom PC board.

Home Automation & Building Control


Harv Weiner

PDF Innovations in Home Automation & Building Control

Home Automation & Building Control


John Morley

PDF A Wind Speed and Direction Interface for the HCS II

In addition to describing a wind speed and direction interface for the HCS II home control system, John presents background information for the various techniques for measuring wind speed and direction. And, unlike the golfer, his finger stays dry and there's no grass in his hair.

Home Automation & Building Control


Orrin Charm

PDF Designing and Evaluating the User Interface

Make Your Design User Seductive

Although average consumers can handle automobiles and ATMs, they're stumped by VCRs, security alarms, or office phones. Orrin traces these difficulties to the user interface. He shows how to minimize such dilemmas for interfaces like remotes, video monitors, telephones, control panels, and voice-control products.


Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

Flat Surfaces, Widowmakers, and a Surfeit of Bugs

Ed covers two problems: an unsafe connector and a backup unit that won't back up. He walks us through his attempts to find solutions. His bottom line: don't cut design corners, think ahead, and be prepared for multifaceted problems.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Stepping into an Analog World

Most analog control doesn't have to be elegant, although it can be with PWM. Here, Jeff adds a twist to combining analog and digital in a motor-control system -- he controls digital stepper motors with an analog input voltage.

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Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Pick a Peck of PLDs

Believing PLDs to rate a spot in the microelectronics revolution right up there with heros such as the microprocessor, DRAM, and EPROM, Tom reviews programmable logic ICs. His focus: Cypress Semiconductor.


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Steve Ciarcia

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