Circuit Cellar Ink 75
October 1996

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Janice Marinelli

Task Manager

Blowing Candles


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Chris Sakkas

An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic

Chris sets the stage for this issue with a clear informative intro to fuzzy logic. In his opinion, fuzzy logic promises to add control to systems that have been difficult to model using a clasical set theory.


Constantin von Altrock

PDF Practical Fuzzy-Logic Design

The Fuzzy-Logic Advantage

In this article, Constantin shows us a situation where fuzzy logic solves a problem that traditional logic cannot. His intention is not to replace conventional techniques, however, just extend them.


Constantin von Altrock

PDF A Fuzzy-Logic Thermostat

It's easy to think that the old way is good enough, especially for everyday controls. But, Constantin shows us otherwise. A fuzzy-logic AC controller uses several variables to bring greater comfort at less cost.

Download: FTDEMO50.EXE

Note: FTDEMO50.EXE is 4.6 MB


David Prutchi

Designing Medical Electronic-Device Prototypes

Part 2: Testing for Electrical Safety

In getting medical devices to the point where they can be declared safe, there are specific tests that must be run. David gives us some step-by-step insight into what should be done and how.


David Rector

Getting Started with Xilinx EPLDs

Part 2: Hands-On Project -- Concept and Design

This article picks up where Conrad Hubert left off in his introduction of EPLDs last month. David brings EPLDs down to earth by giving us hands-on programming tips. Listen up for details.



Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

Tuning Up: Part 3: Zerobeat Power

With this article, Ed looks after Zerobeat's final issues -- detecting power failures, preserving the processor's internal RAM, and calibrating the analog parts. With this final step, we'll all be in sync and ready for communication.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Just One Mile More: Creating a PIC-based Pedometer

Exercise is a must for desk jockeys, so Jeff is an avid jogger. This month, he designs a pedometer that uses Micromint's PicStic to keep him informed of his progress.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Stop Me Before I Crash Again

Tom doesn't trust built-in watch-dogs. If the code for the chip goes down, what stops the code for the timer and interrupt from being bad too? TelCom, that's who. Come check out their supervisory controllers.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Naren Nachiappan

Embedded PCs Go Industrial

Part 1: PCs and Automation

With lower costs and increased complexity, embedded PCs offer more modular and open solutions to industrial automation. Naren shows us how one company made the switch to a PC-based environment.

Embedded PC


Mike Baylis

Embedding QNX in Flash

Want to do real-time data acquisition with a remote diskless embedded PC? If so, check out what Mike has to say about embedding a real-time operating system in flash. In might be just what the doctor ordered.

Embedded PC


Rick Lehrbaum

PC/104 Quarter

Where No '104 Module has Gone Before: The Advent of PCI-PC/104

By far, the ISA bus has been the most stagnant aspect to PC evolution. While CPU speed integration, and real estate have progressed, ISA with all its problems has remained a bottleneck. With PCI, PC buses take a leap ahead.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

The Black Art of Embedded Peripherals

Fred brews a pot of embedded-PC peripherals, and we're invited to the feast. He uses Intel's ApBuilder and RadiSys's EXPLR1 to demonstrate the rich set of on-chip peripherals in Intel's '386EX.


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Steve Ciarcia

Priority Interrupt

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