Circuit Cellar Ink 85
August 1997

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Ken Davidson

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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Ingo Cyliax

Genetic Algorithms for FPGAs

The Borg are here -- at least in code! Ingo defines genetic programming and shows how it emulates the evolution of biological organisms as they adapt to environmental changes.

Download: GACNT.C


Jim Sibigtroth

When 64 KB Isn't Enough

Remember when a development system used only 4 KB and no software tools could manage more than 64-KB software projects? Obviously, those days are long gone. Jim suggests how to add memory by using a bank-switching system.


Brian Millier

Windows-based Development System for the 68HC705C8

The advent of faster and fancier chips has not brought a similarly enhanced user interface. And, in the low end, although development tools are fine, they run far too slowly. Brian to the rescue. He offers a development environment that really clocks.

Download: C8MON1.ZIP

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Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Ralph Birt
Khoi Hoang

Flat Panels for Embedded PCs

Today, users demand full windowing capability, even if it's not "needed" in their embedded system. Find out which flat-panel video controllers give users what they've come to expect from any computer -- desktop or embedded.

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Edward Steinfeld

Web GUIs for Embedded Applications

With the advent of the Web, we now have a universal display standard. In Edward's opinion, it's just a matter of time until the manufacturing world also seeks a standard user interface, further boosting the embedded Web server market.

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Richard Hopkins

PC/104 Quarter

Video on the PC/104 Bus

Capturing and displaying live video is an action-packed arena. It calls for high processing speed and instant throughput. Richard reviews the basics of video, offering suggestions of how to get video through a very bottlenecked bus.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

Internet Appliance Development, Part 2: Getting Flow-Meter Data

Fred uses Photon, SLANG, and EXPLR2 to remotely collect flow-meter data. After looking at the flow meter's encoding method, you learn how to read, process, and transform the data for month-end invoices -- all via the Internet.


Gordon Dick

Test Drive a Precision Motion Controller

Want some quick and easy intelligent motion control? Gordon walks us through the step-by-step process he had in building an intelligent motion controoler using National's LM628. Without much ado, his students could read I/O bits, process conditions, make decisions, ...

Download: MOTION.ZIP


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Jan Axelson


Using Serial EEPROMs, Part 2: Putting It All Together

Building on last month's introduction, Jan tailors examples of how to use the serial EEPROMs for Microwire, SPI, and I2C. With a bit of Visual Basic code, you can access ports, use the programmer, and get inside the software.



Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

It Can't Be a Robot, Part 3: It's Blind as a Bat

Knowing where you're at is critical, even for robots. To avoid those fender-bender blues, Jeff coordinates the position transducers' feedback and motor driver using PicStic as the master processor.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Serial Flash Busts Bit Barrier

Just when you think you know how parts differ, they mutate. Or, so it seems with Nexcom's NX25Fxxx chip. It's a single-transistor EEPROM cell with block and chip erasure and SPI serial interface.


Steve Ciarcia

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