Circuit Cellar Ink 105
April 1999

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Elizabeth Laurencot

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Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • G-Series DSP-based servo drives from UltraDrive/Westamp
  • TSC80251G1D 8-/16-bit microcontroller from Temic Semiconductors
  • KeyRF PC remote control from L3 Systems, Inc.
  • BasicBox SBC from Advanced Graphics Systems
  • NTS-90 GPS-based network time server from TrueTime, Inc.


Ethan Bordeaux
Stefan Hacker

PDF HTML Integrating Flash Memory in an Embedded System

Turn on to the power and ease of flash! Ethan and Stefan show us the best uses for flash memory, and create an interface between a DSP and flash. It's easy to tie into your system, and you can't beat having in-system programmability.



Andrew Lillie

Embedded PWM Signals

Andrew shows that embedded microcontrollers are quite capable signal generators and measurement tools. The modular design of the MPC555 enables the mixing and matching of submodules, so you can get the I/O you need.


R.K. Kamat
G.M. Naik
G.G. Tengshe

Thermistor-Based Conditional Output Sensor

Conventional sensors can cause bottlenecks in many applications, so enter the world of smart sensor technology. These authors created a thermistor-based temperature sensor with built-in hysteresis to minimize sensitivity to noise and glitches.


Cullen Jennings

PDF Video Switch

Cullen needs a video multiplexer, but not just any multiplexer -- one that receives input from multiple cameras, detects video-sync signals, and switches the multiple inputs on each field. He can't get this device in the local electronics store, so he builds it!


Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • TAP-810 CompactPCI DSP card from Analogic Corp.
  • Aristotle reconfigurable DSP card from MiroTech Microsystems, Inc.
  • IDE6000 SHARC development environment from Blue Wave Systems, Inc.
  • MantaRay Pentium-II passive backplane CPU card from I-Bus, Inc.

Embedded PC


Peter Petersen
Tom Schotland

HTML, HTML Win32 and Real Time

Tempted to use Windows NT or 95 as an RTOS? Peter and Tom have an alternative. They create a Win32-compatible environment with dedicated embedded-system development tools -- less overhead, no real-time deficiencies.


Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

Astronomical Issues, Part 1: Introduction to Embedded Astronomy

Ingo isn't just talking about large ideas. His focus is on actual issues relating to astronomy, like GPS and digital radio astronomy. The result is a stellar project that deals with high-speed digital signal processing.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

ICE on Tap, Part 2: Emulating over Ethernet

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned design engineer or brand new to embedded systems. Fred presents the bare bones of the SuperTAP setup, so even if you've never used an emulator before, you will be ready to now!


Joe DiBartolomeo


TPU, Part 4: Scheduler and Microcoding

In this final installment of the TPU series, Joe looks in detail at the scheduler and the CHAN sub-instruction. Once everything is up and running, you'll find that the TPU enables the CPU to use its time more effectively.


Jeff Bachiochi

PDF, PDF HTML, HTML, HTML From the Bench

Dallas 1-Wire Devices, Part 1: One on One

Hey, it's not just one time only! Jeff opens this new series on the Dallas 1-wire bus protocol by discussing 1-wire devices and how they are accessed when you use them alone on a single bidirectional I/O pin.


Tom Cantrell

PDF HTML Silicon Update


Tom says that the MAX1460 has lots of talent but its processor will never be a star. Why? Because it doesn't aspire to be. That's the innovative twist he applauds on Maxim's first step into the micro market.


HTML Test Your EQ


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

Sitting in the Dark

Note: Additional comments about elevator controllers from Winsow D. Soule in INK 107 Reader I/O.

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Tom Cantrell

HTML Silicon Update Online

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