Circuit Cellar Ink 146
September 2002

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

The Good Life


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • PCB design software and fabrication service from PCB123
  • MAX3053 fault-protected CAN transceiver from Maxim
  • Model 4030 low-cost 10-MHz pulse generator from B&K Precision Corp.
  • Hinge-style safety interlock switches from Banner Engineering Corp.


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Jeff Bachiochi

RISCy Business

Part 2: Impressive Student Designs

Last month, Jeff gave us a glimpse into the minds of several engineering students whose projects were entered in the Atmel Design Logic 2001 contest. This time around, he describes four more designs and the project-oriented curriculum that nurtured them to fruition.


Joan Slavat

Office Supervisor

A Control System Based on SMS

Joan developed an SMS-based system that allows his friend to control the lights in his corner store via a cell phone. Soon thereafter, Joan found that minor changes in the system's hardware and firmware afforded him other options like monitoring the refrigerator's temperature.

Download: slavat 146.ZIP


Rick Hood

The PSoC 5-Cent Modem

If you're thinking about adding a modem to an embedded design, there's a smorgasbord of microcontrollers on the market for you to choose from. But, as Rick explains, a PSoC microcontroller is the smart choice for minimizing the cost and maximizing the functionality of your design.


Jim Brady

HTML Build Your Own 8051 Web Server

Building your own web server can be a difficult task, especially if you proceed without proper direction and the right parts for the job. Fortunately, Jim has finished an 8051 server and he's eager to walk you through his project. With this tutorial, you can avoid common difficulties.

Download: brady 146.ZIP


Aleksey Britov
Sergei Khlebnikov
Vladimir Lomakovsky
Alexander Makeenok
Vitaly Zakharchenko

Automatic Blood Pressure Meter

Thanks to the popularity of TI's MSP430 and all of the entrants' ingenuity, the Ultra-Low Power Flash MCU MSP430 Design Contest was a success. Read on to find out how these five gentlemen from Ukraine captured Second Place in the stiff competition.

Download: britov & makeenok 146.ZIP


Norman Rogers

HTML Killing the EMI Demon

Emissions regulations can make it expensive to get your microprocessor boards to the market. In an effort to help us reduce EMI testing costs, Norman reveals the EMI reduction tricks Rabbit Semiconductor developed for its second-generation processor.

Robotics Corner


Tom Baraniak

Put Out the Fire

Detect Flames with the UV TRON Sensor

You're liable to burn more than your money if you build a sentry robot incapable of detecting a fire in its earliest stages. Tom introduces us to the UV TRON ultraviolet sensor, and explains how to build an interface to it with an 8-pin PIC12C672 microcontroller.

Download: baraniak 146.ZIP

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

HTML Applied PCs

Internet Enabling Made Easy

Attaching data-transferring devices to the Internet can be a burdensome task for IT whizzes and novices alike. However, Cermetek's 2124 Internet Appliance Modem makes the process a lot easier and affordable, regardless of the project's complexity.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

SmartMedia File Storage, Part 4: Getting Your Data Inside

If you've been following Jeff's columns closely, then you're probably familiar with the SmartMedia by now. He'll wrap up his series with a lesson on saving data to a module via the DOS FAT file format.



Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Fast Times at the Forum

Many of today's concept chips are primed to become the staples of tomorrow's technology, so it's worthwhile to preview the chips you may be reliant on in the near future. Tom will talk about some promising chips.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML, HTML Priority Interrupt

The Right Exposure

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