Circuit Cellar Ink 156
July 2003

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Engineering for Everyman


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • AnadigmDesigner 2 EDA software for FPAAs from Anadigm, Inc.
  • CPC5710N phone-line monitor from Clare, Inc.
  • MSC1211 low-noise 24-bit data acquisition SOC from Texas Instruments, Inc.


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Richard Wotiz

HTML Stealth Telephone Screener

Mad Dash for Flash Cash Grand Prize Winner

Tired of receiving bothersome automated phone calls from telemarketing companies armed with predictive dialing systems, Richard decided to fight technology with technology. The result? A PIC-based call screener that's been consistently successful at blocking unwanted automated calls.



Tom Napier

A Minimal Flash PIC Programmer

It's time to expand your suite of programming tools. In this article, Tom shows you how to use one of your old PICs to improvise your way to a minimal flash memory PIC programmer.


Brian Millier

Analog's New High-Flying DDS Family

Thirty-five years ago, Brian commonly used LC oscillators to generate RF signals. But today the RF landscape is changing, particularly because direct digital synthesis (DDS) devices are poised to become regulars in high-end RF designs. This month, Brian describes his journey from LC to DDS and explains how Analog's AD985x family may change the way engineers approach their future RF designs.


Salvador Perdomo

Build a Three-in-One Measurement System

MSP430 Desgin Contest Entry

No home electronics lab is complete without a signal generator, logic analyzer, and digital oscilloscope. But why purchase the measurement devices separately, when you can build one system that houses all three? Salvador shows you how.



Bert Korthof

Construct a Classroom-Friendly Evaluation Board

MSP430 Desgin Contest Entry

If you've been searching for an MSP430-based evaluation board, look no further. Bert built an inexpensive battery-powered board that even students and novices will find extremely easy to use. In this article, he walks you through the development process.


Short Solutions


Richard Haendel

The Perfect PCB Prototype

Richard holds the key to constructing perfect PCB prototypes. Are you interested? With this short solution, you'll learn how five simple steps -- print, mount, punch, fit, and evaluate -- can save a lot of time and money.


Jim Turley

Let's Get Small

Code Compression Saves 32-Bit Chips

Most major CPU vendors offer code compression because it has saved 32-bit chips from code bloat. Thus, it has nearly become a standard in most CPUs, which is great for consumers. But an important question remains: With so many companies offering comparable CPUs, can you choose one based on its compression system alone? The answer, you'll soon learn, is that you cannot. In this article, Jim explains why.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

HTML Applied PCs

Build a Coyote Protocol Converter

To prepare for this month's column, Fred devoted a lot of time to thinking about an appropriate project for Z-World's Rabbit 3000-based Coyote. After mulling over plans for sprinkler controllers and water heater monitors, he decided to leave the brainstorming up to you. This month, Fred surveys the Coyote's capabilities in an effort to prepare you for future projects.



Shlomo Engelberg
Elyehoshua Shekalim

Spread Spectrum: Theory and Practice

Understanding the science behind spread spectrum techniques could greatly enhance your next communications design. But comprehending the theory doesn't necessarily mean you'll produce a great product. Understanding this, Shlomo and Elyehoshua will help you bridge the proverbial gap between spread spectrum theory and praxis.

Download: Engelberg &


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

D-Classifying Your Audio

If you're the type of person who pines for amplifier efficiency and low THD, you may well be diagnosed as an audiophile. This month, Jeff -- a certifiable audiophile himself -- explains why he believes you shouldn't shun Class D amplifiers. To make his case, he focuses on Zetex's approach to "D-classification."


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

What's the Buzz?

What's ZigBee? And what's all the buzz about? Apparently, ZigBee is a fresh wireless standard, which, some industry analysts say, has huge market potential -- possibly greater than Bluetooth's. It remains to be seen whether there's any truth to such an assertion. In the meantime, let's take a look at what Tom thinks. As usual, he has the inside scoop.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

The New Conspiracy Theory

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