Circuit Cellar Ink 176
March 2005

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Stay Under Budget


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • USB flash programming software for Freescale Coldfire boards from Crossware Products
  • mega329/649/3290/6490 flash memory LCD microcontrollers from Atmel Corp.
  • ADU100 isolated ADC with PGA and relay output from Ontrak Control Systems, Inc.


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Stuart Brorson
Ales Hvezda
Dan McMahill

gEDA Design Suite for Linux

Wouldn't it be nice to have professional-quality EDA tools on hand the next time you start designing a circuit board? Look no further than the gEDA design suite for Linux. Read on to learn about the free, open-source tools at your disposal.


Ivan Sham
William Hue
Pete Rizun

Portable FAT Library for MCU Applications

The DOS FAT file system is the industry standard format for flash memory cards.You can use a microcontroller to read and write files on an SD/MMC flash memory card with the FAT system. Read on to learn how to build a portable FAT library for MCU applications.



Joe Grand

Embedded Security Design

Part 1: Product Enclosure

Last August, Joe introduced you to the topic of embedded security. Now he's focused on showing you the proper techniques to get the job done. This month he explains how designing the right enclosure can prevent tampering and reduce the possibility of a passive attack like someone eavesdropping on your product's EMI emissions.


Michael R. Smith
Moreno Bariffi
Warren Flaman
Adam Geras
Lily Huang
Andrew Kwan
Alan Martin
James Miller

Practical Application for TDD

Part 1: Write Software in a Test-Driven Development Environment

Test-driven development (TDD) in the embedded environment is an important concept to learn. In this series of articles, a group of imaginative designers puts the idea to the test. The end result is an interesting temperature calculation project.


Pete Cross

HTML Zeroing in on ZigBee

Part 2: Chipsets and Source Code

Last month Pete introduced the ZigBee low-power radio standard and underlying IEEE 802.15.4 layers. In this article, he describes the development resources you'll need to create your own ZigBee projects. He covers both the chipsets and the source code.


David Brown

Stealth Keyless Entry System

AVR 2004 Design Contest Winner

That 10-button keyless entry pad might be more hazardous than helpful. An intruder can discover your code by studying the wear on the buttons. David tells us how he built a better system.


Roberto Ferrabone

Control an FPGA with I2C

Is the I2C bus a good candidate to control an FPGA? Roberto thinks so. In this article, he makes a case for I2C based on a careful study of its capabilities. He also shows us how to drop an I2C module into an FPGA.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Single-IC 10/100 Ethernet Solution

Thinking about implementing embedded Ethernet hardware? Try Freescale's MC9S12NE64. With this powerful tool, single-IC Ethernet is a no-brainer.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Joystick Technology

An analog joystick would be a great addition to some designs, but space limitations could present a problem. Fortunately, new devices like the JS1100AQ five-position joystick navigation switch can help you solve the space problem.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

'51 Favorites

The '51 has been around for more than two decades, but today's '51s are vastly superior to their ancestors. This month, Tom looks at where '51 technology has been and where it's going.


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Steve Ciarcia

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