Circuit Cellar Ink 53
December 1994

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Ken Davidson

Editor's INK

Putting the Cart Before the Horse


Reader's INK

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


David Tweed

Designing Real-time Embedded Software Using State-machine Concepts

Dave takes us back to the fundamentals of state-machine programming. His point: viewing real-time programming in the same way as state-machine programming gives greater clarity to the design process.


David Rodgers
Peretz Tzarnotzky

All Together Now

Writing Multiuser Application Software for ACCESS.bus

With ACCESS.bus, up to 125 users can simultaneously interact on one host computer. A close look at hardware and software architectures prepares you for the ultimate challenge: create your own game!


Bob Fine

Make the Most of Your DSP-based Sound Card

If you have an add-on sound board for your PC, you probably simply plugged it in and forgot about it. Now it's time to dig into the innards of that board. Find out how to write your own signal processing code for it.

Download: SBDSP.ZIP


Janice Marinelli

Circuit Cellar Design Contest Winners


Art Sobel

A RISC Designer's New Right ARM

Development Boards

Without development tools, new processors just don't stand a chance. Last month we introduced you to the features of the ARM processor. This month, we take a look at how the hardware of an ARM development board works.


Ed Nisley

PDF Firmware Furnace

Journey to the Protected Land: Fancy Text Output and a Boot Mystery

It's scary to realize just how easy it is to introduce a system bug so obscure it only shows up under exactly the right combination of circumstances. Ed came across one while showing how to display diagnostic text and it's a beauty.

Download: FF53.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Engineer Seeks Personal Gardener: Assisting Vocally Challenged Vegetation

Even if you have a green thumb (which many of us don't), you still need a good memory to remember to water your plants. Leave it to Jeff to come up with an automated watering system that minimizes your memory requirements.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?: Precise Navigation Technology

For fear of gettin' right turned around, Tom has gone out and found the TCM1, a precise compass which interfaces with your favorite computer using an RS-232 port.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Between the Lines: Bar Code and Decoding Bar-code Algorithms

No matter where you look, it seems bar codes are becoming more and more prevalent. John takes a look at a few of the many different encoding schemes in use and their history.


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