Circuit Cellar Ink 57
April 1995

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Ken Davidson

Editor's INK

A Reaffirmation


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Mike Podanoffsky

A C++ Programming Tutorial

Need help with the paradigm shift from a procedural C to an object-oriented C++? A step-by-step tutorial and lots of examples should help set you on the right track.

Download: TELANS.CPP


Rick Naro

Characterizing Processor Performance

A conspicuous lack of useful vendor information about optimizing system performance drive Rick to characterize microprocessor performance himself -- a strategy he sees as critical to design success.


Rick Lehrbaum

Designing with PC/104

As PC architecture takes over the embedded world, there's greater need for standardization. Why? Lower costs, longer product life, PC and modular compatibility, fewer development tools...


Brian Millier

An LCD and Keypad Module for the SPI

Appalled at the cost of a 74C922, Brian designs a circuit to connect a keypad and LCD module to microprocessor boards. The serial peripheral interface (SPI) provides fast data transfer with little code support.

Download: KBDLCD.ZIP

Home Automation & Building Control


Harv Weiner

PDF Innovations in Home Automation & Building Control

Home Automation & Building Control


Rich Blomseth

PDF Developing Home Automation Devices with LonWorks

Rich believes LonWorks technology fills the gap between whole-house automation systems costing tens of thousands and the low-cost, do-it-yourself market. It provides a common device control scheme and communicates over media often already installed in the home.

Home Automation & Building Control


Peter House

PDF CEBus for the Masses

Picking up where other CEBus articles in INK left off, Peter introduces us to packet construction and CAL messages. By the end, you'll be able to control a real-live CEBus light switch!

Home Automation & Building Control


Herbert McKinney, Jr.

PDF, PDF The Blind Robot: An X-10 Miniblind Automation System

For Herb, home automation includes not only control of artificial lighting, but also control of natural lighting. The X-10 Miniblind Automation System offers individuals the possibility to reach beyond the confines of their home and stop the impact of a blistering summer day.

Download: XMAS.ZIP

Home Automation & Building Control


Scott Heiserman
Clark Oden

PDF A Learning Remote-Controlled Speaker Selector

Scott and Clark set out to find remote-speaker selection without replacing their current stereo system or spending too much money. The ultimate solution: an add-on component with an innovative infrared learning algorithm and a highly integrated microcontroller.

Download: RCSS.ASM


Ed Nisley

PDF Firmware Furnace

Journey to the Protected Land: With Interrupts, Timing is Everything

All these protected-mode and multi-tasking machinations really do lead to a land of simplified code, at least when it comes to error handlers. Ed beefs up the bug catchers while looking at some interrupt-handling issues.

Download: FF57.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Vaporwear: Revealing Your Humidity

Sultry summer nights, stuck doors -- the genre of humidity. But, humidity is measured just about everywhere. Jeff covers hygrometer basics and runs us through the fundamentals of how to calibrate our humidity sensor.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

A Saab Story: A Tale of Speed and Acceleration

Tired of bing tormented for being a SAAB fanatic, Tom decides to come up with a "no lie" comparison of speed and handling tips and tricks. His weapon: the Silicon Microstructures 7130-002 accelerometer.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Using Keyboard I/O as an Embedded Interface

What's a quick-and-dirty way of getting data into a PC without running any special software on the PC? John explores emulation of a PC's keyboard as a software-free data path into the computer.

Download: ET57.ZIP


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