Circuit Cellar Ink 60
July 1995

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Ken Davidson

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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Mike Bailey

The Use of Color in Scientific Visualization

Getting color right is no easy task! After reviewing a little physiology, Mike looks at how we define colors in computers. Final tips ensure information does not get construed by color choice.


Herschell Murry
Mark Schneider

Virtual Reality Position Tracking

Until recently, magnetic trackers existed solely in the workstation domain. But, with the popular advent of VR, trackers have joined the PC world. Here, Herschell and Mark introduce us to tracker technology.


James Goel

Digital Video Resizing and Compression

Powerful processors and imaging techniques have made computer video possible. Here James introduces Genesis's resizing chips. They reduce, bypass, or zoom using FIR filters with up to 65 taps.


Chuck McManis

A PIC-based Motor Speed Controller

To avoid the prohibitive cost of a packaged solution, Chuck takes the challenge to build his own DC motor speed control. His solution uses a PIC chip in a MOSFET H-bridge implementation.

Download: SERVO.ZIP

Home Automation & Building Control


Harv Weiner

PDF Innovations in Home Automation & Building Control

Home Automation & Building Control


Walter Banks
Ashok Patel
Sherif Abdel-Kader

PDF, PDF A Home Control System Based on Fuzzy Logic

After reminding us of the basics of fuzzy logic, Walter and his associates concentrate on the needs of environmental control. They specifically look at some of the implementation quirks that come with writing fuzzy logic code for a home-control system.

Home Automation & Building Control


Grayson Evans

PDF CAL: Part of the Solution

Need a better feel for what's required in programming a CEBus application? If so, check out Grayson's article on CAL, the Common Application Language. As a key member of the CEBus committee, Grayson brings us an inside corner on the highest level of CEBus specification.

Home Automation & Building Control


Mitch Drummond

PDF The Display-8

Add a Human Interface to Your Home Automation System

While many home control systems operate passively in the background, users often like some hands-on interaction with the system. Display-8 offers that interaction in a small, unobtrusive package.



Ed Nisley

PDF Firmware Furnace

Journey to the Protected Land: The Mystery of Scan Code Set 3

Just a little chat -- with your keyboard that is. Building on the principles covered in last month's column, Ed shows us how to coax the PC into talking to the keyboard.

Download: FF60.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Sacrifice for the Good of the Circuit: Strengthening the Weak Link

Nothing beats a fuse for stopping overcurrent -- once. However, Jeff puts much more stock in resettable fuses. After explaining when a fuse is not a fuse, he runs us through the hoops of how to use these devices in various applications.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

MIPS for the Masses

It was only a matter of time before traditional workstation-style RISC processors started making the move toward the embedded arena. Tom checks out the latest MIPS offering.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Circuit Protection

John picks up where Jeff leaves off with other popular forms of circuit protection. He combines various active and passive solutions -- from the wire that melts to something managing power overload actively.


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