Circuit Cellar Ink 62
September 1995

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Janice Marinelli

Editor's INK

Mark That Horse


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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Ed Lansinger

Developing and Engine Control System

Part 1: System Architecture and Fuel Delivery

Even though virtually all of today's automobiles have multiple computers under the hood, designing those computers is no trivial task. In this first article, Ed gives us a hand with the fuel-delivery system.


Stuart Ball

Embedded Debugging Tricks

When designing an embedded controller, the ability to get feedback from the system during debugging is usually limited. Drawing from years of experience, Stuart reveals his tricks for getting rid of pesky bugs.


Gordon Dick

Designing an Industrial-grade XYZ Router Table

Gordon walks us through a start-to-finish project for a computer-controlled 3D router table. He deals with both the mechanics and electronics necessary for controlling router movement.


Ed Nisley

PDF Firmware Furnace

Journey to the Protected Land: Entering Virtual-86 Mode

According to Ed, any successful PC operating system must run DOS programs dating back to the original PC. Ed traces through the complex architecture to show you how '86 compatibility takes place.

Download: FF62.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Creating the SMART-MD: DC Motor Control for the I2C Bus

Want to take control of DC motors without using a lot of I/O bits? Here, Jeff integrates National's H-bridge motor driver with the I2C and PWM functions of Microchip's PIC16C73.

Download: FTB62.ZIP

Embedded PC


Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Stefano Chiti-Batelli

An ISA Bus Simulator

You could simply plug in your prototype. However, design flaws can prevent operation or cause permanent damage. Stefano's ISA bus simulator gives the engineer more control over the development and test process.

Download: BUSSIM.ZIP

Embedded PC


David Prutchi

Hot Swapping on the PC

An Active Extender Card for the 16-bit PC-ISA Bus

Nothing is worse than powering the motherboard up and down to test a development board. Design flaws at best can prevent operation and at worst cause permanent damage. Join David in looking at a safer, faster solution.


Embedded PC


Rick Lehrbaum

PC/104 Quarter

Constructing PC/104-based Systems

From plug-in memory cards for portables, PCMCIA has grown to include hard disk drives, fax/modems, and other peripherals. Its use in the embedded world is gaining popularity, especially with the new PC/104 offerings.

Embedded PC


Russ Reiss

Applied PCs

Embedded PCs: Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How?

If you want to install embedded PCs, you've got to start at the beginning -- outlining the basics and making sure everyone is speaking the same language. Subsequent columns will delve into the nitty gritty of embedding a PC.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

IC de Light

Texas Instruments boasts the first and only light-to-frequency converter which integrates a photodiode with signal conditioning so that it produces digital input. Curious? Then, put your wager with Tom.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Power Management with the DS87C530: Part 2: The Software

John wraps up his column with a focus on the software and firmware issues of DS87C530 applications. Using a data-logging example, he shows how to take advantage of its power-management capabilities.

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