Circuit Cellar Ink 66
January 1996

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

Bear Skins and Stone Knives


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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Brian Millier

Microprocessor-Controlled High-Voltage Power Supply

Component integration is bringing some very odd feature mixes. Brian shows us his unusual project -- constructing a power supply with a variable voltage of 500-1800 V and a maximum current of 100 mA.

Download: HVPS.ZIP

Note: Breaking the connection between the transformer secondary and the core may create a dangerous situation if the transformer has poor isolation between the core and the winding.


Edward Schram

Push-Pull Switching Regulator Design and Application

Too often power-supply changes force a design into a corner. Ed spends some time looking at how and when to choose a power supply. Surprisingly, it's not necessarily best to decide beforehand.

Note: This power-supply design is dangerous because the 5V feedback to the controller IC eliminates any primary-to-secondary isolation.


Michael Rosenfield

Energy Management in Motor Control

The MTE1122 controller staves off the energy-consuming monster -- namely, the electric motor. By matching the capability of the motor to the workload, the processor reduces electricity waste up to 58%.


Ken Pergola

The Micro-bRISC Device Programmer

Tackling Microchip's Midrange Arsenal of PICs

PIC development tools abound -- but their price is often prohibitive. Here, Ken introduces us to the hardware and software aspects of a low-cost, high-performance PIC programmer.



Eric Rasmussen

Alpha's PALcode

Building on the foundation of the Alpha article in INK 61, Eric discusses the role of PALcode in Alpha architecture. After defining what PALcode is, Eric suggests how to use it in the PALmode environment.


Don Lancaster

Nonlinear Graphics Transforms

Shortcuts to Stunning Graphics

In graphics, you need to bend, twist, squash, or stretch an image. Although linear graphics transforms are standard, Don is more interested in the exotic stuff of nonlinear transforms.



Ed Nisley

Firmware Furnace

Part 1: Getting Vid-Link in Sync

Ed updates an ancient project -- the ImageWise receiver board -- by adding HCS TV status display. In this first article, Ed looks at how the hardware generates video sync. His emphasis: wringing precise timing from overworked hardware.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Programmability Without Volatility: Ditch Those Back-up Batteries

Jeff's in the market for fast static RAM. His find: Simtek's NVSRAM, a chip which brings together the speed of SRAM and the stability of an EEPROM's nonvolatile storage. Jeff shows us how this memory eases project implementation.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

The Little '486 That Could

It runs neither DOS nore Windows, but the NS486SX is still a '486. Although it lacks real and virtual modes and hence backward compatibility, it Tom's opinion, it still has a lot to offer. Listen in to see if it's the chip for you.


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Steve Ciarcia

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