Circuit Cellar Ink 77
December 1996

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

Walt Graphics?


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Ingo Cyliax

Video TImecode Fundamentals

Want to condense your video collection into a few tapes of your favorite scenes? Ingo can help. After reviewing timecodes, he shows us how to implement a simple timecode reader for consumer-grade VCRs.


Peter Sorrells
Shannon Poulin

Converting VGA Monitors

Plain-Vanilla Monitors Become Plug-and-Play VESA-Compatible Designs

With the rapidly increasing popularity of plug-and-play capability, manufacturers want to convert their monitors into DDC-compliant ones. Peter and Shannon offer a single-chip conversion solution.


Bruce Hubbard

Image Filtering Theory

What's a Convolution Filter?

Removing noise from digital images is often regarded as a black art. Bruce discusses his mighty magic using filtration, aliasing, Fast Fourier Transforms, and convolution codes. It's all a matter of the stir.


Do-While Jones

The Global Positioning System

Part 1: Guiding Stars

Sure, you can buy a GPS receiver for less than $200, but you also need to understand them. Do-While explains positioning equations, clock accuracy, receiver design, selective availability, and differential correction.


Ken Davidson


Applying the HCS II Part 1: Of Consoles and Criminals

The joy of home automation is getting the system to give you what you need -- whether it's automatic lighting or simulated activity for those times you are away. Ken offers some tips from his own HCS II setup.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Kent Tabor
Clint Hanson

The PICMG Standard for Passive Backplanes

For high-speed bus and CPU performance, you need to satisfy current ISA requirements yet provide PCI support. Kent and Clint show us how the PICMG standard offers this better edge to industrial-PC applications.

Embedded PC


Naren Nachiappan

Embedded PCs Go Industrial

Part 2: Windows NT in Real Time

Many companies using industrial automation need real-time processing, but they also need compatibility with the desktop. Naren suggests that VentureCom's development tools enable Windows NT to be an effective solution.

Embedded PC


Ed Foster

PC/104 Quarter

PC/104 Power Supplies for Mobile Environments

Mobile environemnts are an electronics nightmare. Power surges, EMI and RFI sparks, load dumps, and environmental factors make it a challenging locale. Ed, however, shows us how to stabilize power in the midst of the storm.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

Embedded PC Development

Using Visual C++ and the Intel '386EX evaluation board, Fred has a blast showing us how Phar Lap's TNT Embedded ToolSuite is assembled and how applications interface with it. It represents the birth of a new and powerful tool.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Tools Part 2: PCB Layout -- Time to Place the Donuts

Ever the designer, Jeff gives a helpful walkthrough of PCB layout software. You'll quickly see that modern software has brought us a long way from the old days of hand sketching and taping.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Motorola Lights ColdFire

It has the reduced instruction set of RISC but with better code density and improved cache and debug capabilities. It's in the gap between RISC and CISC. But, don't simply dismiss it as a madeover CISC or embrace it as a RISC.


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