Circuit Cellar Ink 78
January 1997

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Ken Davidson

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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Bill Payne

Low-Power Solid-State DC Motor Control

Finding mechanical switches passe? Well then, why not try National Semiconductor's LM1951 and LM2941? They do the job and provide low-power DC control.


Dean Hoyt

A Radio-Controlled Car and a 68HC11 Microprocessor

Automated devices are becoming critically important for safety as well as convenience. Dean shows how he added a 68HC11 micro to a radio-controlled model so it could record and then retrace its path.



Fred Eady

Using Microchip's PIC14000 Battery-Management Chip

Fred introduces us to Microchip's new mixed-signal PIC14000. It has all the features of a PIC but also 192 bytes of RAM, 4KB of EPROM, and analog peripherals. It's a lot of complexity in a flexible package.


Brian Millier

Pulse'05 Pulse Generator

Bring a lot of work home where you don't have much test equipment? Brian shows how to make a low-cost pulse generator composed of two ICs -- Motorola's 68HC705J1A and AMD's AM9513APC.



Do-While Jones

The Global Positioning System

Part 2: Implementation Problems and Solutions

GPS receivers tell you how far you are from the center of the earth, not where you are on the earth's surface. Do-While shows us how to get Cartesian coordinates from the geocentric coordinates used by GPS.


Steve Ciarcia


Applying the HCS II, Part 2: A New Approach to High-Performance System Expansion

Since its introduction four years ago, HCS II has been a real hit. Here, Steve introduces Answer MAN, a new network module that adds low-cost, low-power analog and digital I/O to the HCS network.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Liquid Crystal Displays -- First You See 'Em, Then You Don't

When you see LCDs, do you think polarized shades? No? Well, perhaps you should. As Jeff shows, the LCD uses similar technology to accomplish essentially the same thing -- reflecting light into just the place you want it.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Haute Chips

After visiting this year's Hot Chips show, Tom has plenty to say about the increasing availability and speed of transistors. He discusses the latest tradeoffs between clock rate and complexity.


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Steve Ciarcia

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