Circuit Cellar Ink 80
March 1997

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Ken Davidson

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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Adrian Dunn

Building a CEBus-Compliant Product

With the advent of the CEBus as a full-fledged EIA standard and of chips from at least two sources, CEBus can now rise to the whole-house communications protocol it was intended to be. Pop in for the update.


Chris Arndt


The X-10 Radio-Control System

Want to control your house without the aggravations of a range-limited remote control or a phone-based system? Chris uses amateur-radio band frequencies and enjoys voice-synthesized feedback to commands.

Download: XRACS.BS2


John Morley

HCS II-Compatible Automated Lawn-Irrigation System

Summertime is coming and with it, the hot dry drought. However, just because the rain clouds aren't complying is no reason for your lawn to turn brown. John tells you how to keep green.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Mike Baylis

Get on the Bus!

The Evolution of the STD Bus to 32 Bits

Mike time travels through the past, present, and future of the STD bus. What began as just a smaller, more rugged form factor for industrial environments has grown to 32 bits with hot-swap capabilities. Where will it go from here?

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Bill Payne

A Networking Primer

Part 2: LAN Media and Various Protocols

Tangled in too many networking problems caused by the incorrect use of cable types? If so, Bill is ready to straighten out the kinks. He explains models, protocols, and implementations of cable specifications.

Embedded PC


Jonathan Miller

PC/104 Quarter

Selecting Analog I/O Boards for Embedded Systems

Real-world problems don't come in binary mode. So our problems can get a computer solution, Jonathan shows us how to match the resolution, sample rates, input range, and so on of our problem with the right board.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

Vinegar or Champagne? BBS Software Managing Remote Data Acquisition and Control

Fred takes us to the land of remote data acquisition and control using Wildcat! BBS software and Datalight's ROM_DOS. After proving you don't need a desktop PC as a server, he rigs the BBS to do the data acquisition and control.


Joe DiBartolomeo


Standards for Electromagnetic Compliance Testing Part 2: Radiated and Conducted Emissions Testing

It's down to the nitty gritty of FCC and European tests. After a close look at the EMI receiver, Joe checks into the details of radiated and conducted emissions tests.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Magneto-Inductive Direction Finding

If the world is entirely against you, then try the earth. Jeff shows how by using Earth's magnetic field with a Vector 2X compass module, you can use electronics to find your way out of the woods.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

MUSIC to Soothe the Savage Bits

When you hear how this baby handles memory, it will be music to your ears. MUSIC's MU9C1480A LANCAM can split a 64-bit word, efficiently accessing both associative (CAM) and associated (RAM) data.


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Ken Davidson

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Steve Ciarcia

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