Circuit Cellar Ink 81
April 1997

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

For Want of a Nail


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Ingo Cyliax

Robot Navigation Schemes

If you're an autonomous mobile robot, ya gatta know where you're gonna go. Ingo uses the dead-reckoning method for his robots via a Basic Stamp 2, a Vector 2x compass, and an LCD.


Keith Doty

Talrik, Jr.

A Mobile Programmable, Autonomous Robot

If you're in a catch-22 between designing a robot and having a test platform, then meet TJ -- a small robot running on a compact single-chip computer. It provides an affordable, autonomous testing option.


Bill Payne

A Networking Primer

Part 3: Interconnecting Devices

At times, network communication gets as complicated as psycho babble. Bill talks about various network components, explaining the protocols and how to ensure that all the parts can talk to each other.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Mike Baylis

What's CompactPCI?

Moving PCI into the embedded world wasn't easy. But, not only did CompactPCI overcome the limitations of the desktop and industrial PCI, it also developed a format that hosts 3U and 6U boards and bridges to ISA, VME, and STD 32.

Embedded PC


Frank Jenkins

PC/104 Quarter

HomeR, A Home Vacuum-Cleaning Robot

Want a robot that vacuums your house while you're not home to be bothered? Sounds great, right? Frank combines boards from Ampro and ComputerBoards with a three-level C++ program to bring that fantasy closer to reality.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

System Problems? Maybe It's Your BIOS

There's a problem. You know how to solve it. You wanna play God and make a great masterpiece. But, incompatibilities between system components and problem restraints are making your solution formless and void. Fred understands.


Joe DiBartolomeo


Standards for Electromagnetic Compliance Testing, Part 3: Immunity and Susceptibility

Shipping to Europe? Unlike the U.S., the EC requires testing for EMI immunity. You'd better know EC standards for static discharge, fast transients, and radiated EMI fields.


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Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

You Can Take It With You: Finding Your Way, Electronically

This month, Jeff takes the Precision Navigation compass and puts it in a hand-held portable enclosure with a processor, LCD, and power control. His goal: to build a compass that survives a week or two of outback camping.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Not Your AVRage MCU

When it comes to Atmel's AVR family, Tom feels 8 bits provide plenty of excitement and RISC. It's not high end, but it is highly integrated, offering a load-and-store register-oriented architecture and a 10+ MIPS rate.


Steve Ciarcia

Priority Interrupt

It's Win-Win and $10,000

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