Circuit Cellar Ink 82
May 1997

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

Let's Do Lunch


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Walter Banks

Selecting an 8-Bit Architecture

With careful management of a chip's resources, you can use a lower end chip to accomplish the same task. Walter shows that tweaking here and there is just another way to get more bang for your buck.


Randy Heisch

A PowerPC 403GA-Based Embedded Controller Prototype

Randy takes a look at the PowerPC 403 architecture before popping it into a prototype implementation. As you'll see, the 403GA rides the midrange price/performance ground.


Bill Houghton

Add an I/O Coprocessor to Your Embedded PC

When can't a 32-bit PC match the speed of an 8-bit PWM chip? According to Bill, when there's lots of I/O. Then, the PC's overhead and non-real-time response become problems. 8xC576 to the rescue!


Art Sobel

Embedding the ARM7500

Part 1: The Chip and Development Board

Art brings us up close and personal to the ARM7500 and its development board. You'll soon see that this little baby has a lot of power and peripherals. It's almost an entire PC in a chip!


Brad Stewart

Four Bits Unleashed

Even today when many companies boast of new-fangled megachips, the 4-bit processor holds a healthy third of the market. But, as Brad points out, these new 4-bitters have a lot more oomph than their predecessors.


Daniel Patten
Michael Miller

A Universal IR Remote-Control Receiver

Daniel and Michael built a universal remote that offers manufacturer and component types in a learned set using an 8051-based decoder. Find out how flexible and inexpensive their solution is.


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Joe DiBartolomeo


Standards for Electromagnetic Compliance Testing, Part 4: Testing Houses

There's more to EMI approval than just understanding the tests -- there's an entire testing house procedure. Getting that right translates into immediate savings.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Infrared Remotes are Everywhere ... If You Can Find 'Em

Far too frequently, dogs, kids, couches, or Mrs. Doubtfire find unique and hard-to-find locations for that all-important channel changer. But Jeff's new watch has IR, so it's time to review just how IR receivers and transmitters communicate.

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Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Modem Deja Vu

For many solutions, just getting there is what matters, not how fast. TDK's latest modem chips are how Tom proves this point. In fact, it appears that old modems -- like the tortoise -- sometimes win the race.


Ken Davidson

ConnecTime -- Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS


Steve Ciarcia

Priority Interrupt

Processing -- A Matter of Definition

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