Circuit Cellar Ink 89
December 1997

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Janice Hughes

Task Manager

No Slowing Down


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Craig Haller

The Zen of BDM

On-Chip Debugging

Still doing the old crash and burn debugging? Perhaps it's time to try your hand at debugging with on-chip resources. In Craig's opinion, it's the safest way to avoid intrusive overhead that alters the way your code runs.


Ingo Cyliax

Serial BDM Interface for ColdFire

Since conventional debugging techniques often don't work on embedded systems, Ingo checks out ColdFire's on-chip debugger. He builds a simple BDM-to-serial interface that helps him control and modify the chip.


Janusz Mlodzianowski

A Simple Multipurpose Logic Analyzer

There are times when what's available on the market is not what you want. The price, features, or expandability just doesn't meet your current needs. What do you do? If you're Janusz, you build your own.


Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Janice Hughes

EPC Design Contest Winners

Embedded PC


Francis Deck

A High-Speed Logic Analyzer for Windows 95

While it's relatively simple to directly read logic signals using the parallel port of a PC, it's sluggish and timing is not reliable. Instead, Francis builds a small FIFO circuit that can sample at over 20 MHz and is clock independent.


Embedded PC


Rick Lehrbaum

PDF PC/104 Quarter

PC/104 Gets Tough -- Ruggedizing the Embedded PC

Despite what we put up with from our desktop machines, we expect embedded PCs to run like clockwork, regardless of the environment. Rick shows us how to ruggedize PC systems to meet the tough demands of the real world.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

Interfaces and GUI-Building Packages, Part 2: Emulating Paper Tape

Just because you don't use paper tape any more, don't assume it's out of the picture everywhere. Many old machines still use it, and you never know when you'll have to build a paper-tape emulator. Fred shows you how to do it using emWare.

Note: Followup on emWare by Todd Rytting in INK 92 Reader I/O. Comment by Robert Michaels in INK 96 Reader I/O


Cheng-Yang Tan

A Hardware Keyboard Remapper

The search for the perfect keyboard -- that's Cheng-Yang's mission. His PC/AT keyboard gives him the tactile feel he wants, but the keys are in the wrong place! However, with this remapper, he gains the best of both worlds.


Note: Credit for the diagrams and tables in INK 92 Reader I/O.


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Tom Napier


Applying Direct Digital Synthesis, Part 1: Making Waves with NCOs

Are you tired of the limited output range of your VCO? What about its difficult modulation? Tom suggests you try an NCO, which lets you synthesize any waveform and offers you high-frequency output.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Listening to Magnetism

Although some of the New Age rave would have you believe differently, you can't hear magnetic waves -- until now ... Jeff builds a magnetic-field sensor that lets you know when you're getting to full strength.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Hot Chips IX

Just back from the Hot Chips show, Tom charts odd aberrations in memory, updates us on CPU extensions and processor/FPGA combinations, and snaps the latest picture of the digital-camera world.


Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

The Best Kept Secret

Note: Several comments in INK 93 Reader I/O.

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