Circuit Cellar Ink 90
January 1998

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

A Decade of Embedded Applications


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Steve Ciarcia
Jeff Bachiochi

PDF HTML, HTML Ground Zero

A Real-World Look at Lightning

Living on a granite hill during a thunderstorm gives you a whole new respect for Mother Nature. To guard against paranoia, Jeff and Steve figure out how to automatically unhook their appliances before they become toast.

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Note: Several comments in INK 93 Reader I/O.


Gordon Doughman
Jim Sibigtroth

'HC12 Development Using a Serial BDM

As the speed and complexity of embedded micros increase, it's more difficult to build high-speed in-circuit emulators. As a result, many offer on-chip BDM interfaces. Gordon and Jim show how to debug using these resources.



Doron Drusinsky-Yoresh

Heterogeneous State Machine Control

Automotive electronics have taken on a life of their own. Their complex interprocessing requires engineers to mix classic control with continuous modeling tasks. Doron shows how statecharts eas the difficulties.


Avi Cohen

Building Advanced Device Drivers for the MPC860

A new breed of 32-bit micros has arrived. Their complexity exponentially increases the demand on programmers. Using the MPC860 and DriveWay, Avi shows how to simplify the task of creating a tailored board.

Note: Followup on the price of DriveWay by Mark Borgerson in INK 92 Reader I/O.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

Embedded PC


Scott Lehrbaum

PDF Year 2000 and Embedded PCs

The year-2000 phenomenon incites many hyped predictions of people trapped in elevators, loss of infrastructure, never mind billions of dollars. According to Scott, though, all embedded PCs need is a software patch. Read how it's done.

Note: Followup comments by Rod Price in INK 94 Reader I/O.

Embedded PC


Raz Dan
Stefanie Hein

Flash-Disk Building Blocks

Tradeoffs in the Make vs. Buy Decision

Customer needs -- real and perceived -- drive the market. And, right now, you should be Web enabled. The result? You need greater mass storage. Raz and Stefanie guide you through the decision of buying a solution or making your own.

Embedded PC


Marc Guillemont

Real-Time PC

Real-Time Operating Systems, Part 1: Fundamental Components

The embedded PC is a good match for the power, resources, cost and complexity of the real-time market. Marc launches this series on real-time operating systems with simple answers to basic questions like "What makes a real-time OS?"

Note: Correction for the ChorusOS URL in INK 92 Reader I/O.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

RF Telemetry, Part 1: Theory and Implementation

Although RF telemetry is traditionally associated with rocket science, it's as down to earth as modem-based communications. Using a Linx UHF receiver module, Fred pokes at low-power data transmission. After all, who wants to alert the FCC?


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Tom Napier


Applying Direct Digital Synthesis, Part 2: Building and Testing an NCO Generator

Last month, Tom went over the basics of how to synthesize accurate sine- and square-wave signals. This time, he shows you how to build and test a generator with both sine- and square-wave outputs.



Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

M-Core on the March

To Tom, M-Core offers PowerPC performance and the cost, power and code density of the 68k. It's a 32-bit RISC that delivers now and leaves plenty of headroom for the future.


Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

After Ten Years, Inside the Box Still Counts

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