Circuit Cellar Ink 91
February 1998

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

And Yet More Change


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • bq2018 Power Minder IC from Benchmarq Microelectronics, Inc.
  • Processor Protector from Autotime
  • HEVAL6A TMS320C6x Development System from Traquair Data Systems, Inc.
  • AD7750 Power-to-Frequency Converter from Analog Devices, Inc.
  • EZ-View-SA Data Acquisition System from Mid-Atlantic Systems Co.
  • SurfMate Wireless Keyboard from US Electronics


Brad Stewart

PDF, PDF HTML, HTML Low-Cost Voice Recognition

Brad's Tiny Voice -- based on an 'HC705 and powered off a 9-V battery -- can be trained to recognize up to 16 command templates and costs less than $5. Toys, voice-activated padlocks, and remote controls had better listen up.



Richard Ames

Building an Embedded Web Server from Scratch

Tired of surfing? Ready to make some waves of your own? Richard demonstrates how to implement your own embedded Web server -- from creating a base TCP/IP application to writing interactive HTML forms.



Bill Payne

Integrating Windows NT 4.0 into a TCP/IP Environment

Bill needs to connect Windows NT stations into an existing TCP/IP network, but Microsoft gave the Domain Name Server its own personal twist. After reviewing the protocols, he shows how to get Windows and Unix to talk.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • X-Tool PC/104 Extraction Tool from parvus Corp.
  • CoreModule/P5i PC/104-plus CPU from Ampro Computers, Inc.
  • SBC-MaX Pentium SBC from Computer Dynamics
  • OSE Web Server from Enea OSE Systems Inc.
  • ZT 8907 '486 STD-32 SBC from Ziatech Corp.
  • FlashLite 386EX XBC from JK Microsystems, Inc.

Embedded PC


Dan Johnson

Converting PC GUIs for NonPC Devices

Sure, it's easy to create Web GUIs for your PC, but what about devices that connect to the Internet -- TVs, PDAs, set-top boxes, or smart phones? Dan shows how Prism distills complex Web pages for one-bit 200x200-pixel displays.

Embedded PC


Marc Guillemont

Real-Time PC

Real-Time Operating Systems, Part 2: RTOS Interfacing

After defining what a real-time system is in Part 1, Marc puts the RTOS in its place -- right between the device driver and application software, where it can implement hardware abstractions and allocate resources more efficiently.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

RF Telemetry, Part 2: You're on the Air

Fred wants to implement duplex RF communications between two sites using a BiM RF module. Connected to a VIPer 806 and a PCM-4862, these modules transmit and receive RF data he can view on a software-based datascope.


Richard Moseley

HTML, HTML Codesign

The Evolving Relationship Between Hardware and Software

Far too often, design schedules go awry due to the difficulty of coordinating hardware and software design teams. Richard brings us up to date on codesign tools and how they promise a smoother, faster development cycle in the future.


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Norman Bujanos

PDF, PDF HTML, HTML, HTML Choosing the Right Crystal for Your Oscillator

Although critical to the timing of your design, crystals are glossed over in engineering schools. Norman puts a stop to that. His review of crystal parameters gets you up to snuff when it comes to picking the right crystal for your design.


Joe DiBartolomeo


EMI Gone Technical, Part 1: Surge Suppression

Caught in an EMI eddy? Joe's here to help you out. He begins by reviewing how to prepare for EMI threats, such as lightning, electromagnetic discharge, fast transients/bursts, and inductive load switching.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Choose the Right Vehicle Before Riding the Air Waves

Even with all the TVs, tapes, CDs, and VCRs, radio still persists. Jeff takes a look at dual-state modulation techniques to help you ensure that your message gets through.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Double-Duty DSP

What first appears as just another DSP turns out to be much more. Zilog's Z89xx3 DSP offers the usual DSP goods and acts like many highly integrated controllers for a fraction of the cost.


Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt


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