Circuit Cellar Ink 95
June 1998

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

A Mind is a Terrible Thing ...

Note: comments from Marc McGary in INK 98 Reader I/O


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • SuperView 500 by RGB Spectrum
  • Navifinder-200 electronic compass by Precision Navigation, Inc.
  • Motorola MPC860 PCI development kit by Anchor Chips, Inc.
  • Ultra-30-VA ultrasonic sensor by Senix Corp.
  • HCON-1 remote microcontroller by J-Works, Inc.


Steve Ciarcia
Jeff Bachiochi

PDF HTML Gotcha!

Alarming the Alarm System

Alarm companies fall a little short if what you want is entry and exit printouts. Sure, they'll do them. But only at $20 a pop -- or the cost of a new system. So, what do you do? If you're Steve and Jeff, you add a little electronic sleuthing to the system.


Steve Mann

WearCam: Personal Imaging System

WearCam is a personal imaging system that lets you capture events as if the camera sits behind your eyes. It can even manipulate its shots -- zooming in and out. The real world gets equal footing with the virtual.

Note: Comments by Thad Starner in INK 97 Reader I/O


Brian Kurkoski

HTML, HTML Design Embedded Systems for Low Power

When it comes to battery management, conventional techniques don't always cut it. Brian shows how to get around traditional restrictions and still reduce power consumption. Find out how to get the most out of battery life.


Janice Hughes

Design98 -- PIC of the Lot

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • PCI data-acquisition boards by National Instruments
  • CompactPCI backplane by VERO Electronics, Inc.
  • PC modules by Adaptive Systems, Inc.
  • AIM-104-LCD-3 LCD driver board by Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
  • Pentium II SBC with sound or video by Interlogic Industries

Embedded PC


Greg Bergsma

Building Web-Enabled Mobile Devices

Want to design a Web appliance into a hand-held unit? If so, Greg shows you how to easily change the form and content of your dynamic HTML without recoding and retesting the Web server. He predicts it'll be a boon for the vending industry.

Embedded PC


Pascal Dornier

'x86 Processor Survey

Part 1: '386-Class Embedded CPUs

How do you know which CPU is best suited to your embedded-PC application? Take some cues from Pascal as he examines the strengths and weaknesses of '386s from Acer Labs, AMD, and Intel.

Download: 386cpu.ZIP

Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

Multimedia in Real Time

Multimedia is an ongoing rage. But as Ingo reveals, a lot of multimedia doesn't quite make the "real" part of real-time. Read on to determine how to quantify your project needs since excessive throughput adds up to more expensive design costs.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

A New View, Part 2: Data Acquisition with Virtual Instruments

Virtual instrumentations is only a good deal if it can handle real-world problems. So, Fred looks beyond the software of last month and puts together a data-collection device. Next month, he'll show you how to measure this month's data.


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Brian Millier

Digital Attenuators

Given the CD quality we've come to expect, volume control needs to be handled digitally. Brian shows us how using Dallas digital attenuators, TI opamps and virtual grounds, and a musical digital interface. Tune in.



Pat Villani


FreeDOS and the Embedded Developer, Part 1: Kernel Design

Fed up with forking over big bucks for your OS? Pat offers an alternative that's 99.9% MS-DOS compatible. And, it can be used for embedded development as long as your follow GNU's public license rules.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

Fabulous '51s

Even though it's been around for a long time, the 8-bit micro keeps on going and going and going. In fact, new variations keep popping up. Tom lets us in on the smarts some of these new ones possess.


Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

Darwin Couldn't Have Done Better

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