Circuit Cellar Ink 96
July 1998

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Janice Hughes

Task Manager

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Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • LP24 Keyboard Emulator from Hagstrom Electronics
  • HECPCI-1 multiple-DSP CompactPCI card from Traquair Data Systems, Inc.
  • PAR24B Data Acquisition System from Symmetric Research
  • EZ-View-TA Thermocouple Measurement System from Mid-Atlantic Systems Co.
  • UCC5343 IrDA Transceiver from Unitrode Corp.
  • TD-250 Digitizer/Averager from TerraData
  • KP-D8 color CCD camera from Hitachi Denshi America, Ltd.


Michael R. Smith

PDF HTML Unplanned Calibration Errors in Embedded Systems

If bugs in your system cause damage, who's liable? Mike puts you on the witness stand to uncover the problems and how they got there. Fortunately, he also shows an easy-to-implement fix that puts you in the clear.

Note: Additional comments by Tom Callahan in INK 99 Reader I/O.


Rick May


Design Contest Winner

Questioning your power bill? Rick shows you how to build a tool to make sure your power bill stays right on target -- a portable AC power meter that displays the power delivered to and consumed by your house.



Carol Hovenga Fancher

HTML, HTML Designing for Smart Cards

Part 1: What's a Smart Card All About?

They look like a credit card, but the microcontroller in them provides computational ability and stores information. Carol covers all the smart-card basics you need to know before you implement them in a design.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • MobiLogic analyzer for notebook computer from NCI
  • CompactFlash PC/104 module from WinSystems, Inc.
  • VIPer821 233-MHz SBC from Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc.
  • MD104 Scalable Flash Disk Drive from Tri-M Systems Inc.
  • PD-MF-330/12 PCI ADC from United Electronic Industries, Inc.
  • Embedded BIOS 4.1 from General Software, Inc.

Embedded PC


Pascal Dornier

'x86 Processor Survey

Part 2: '486-Class Embedded CPUs

Last month, Pascal compared '386 CPUs so you'd have a feel for which one would suit your design specs. However, there are times you need the extra oomph of a '486 machine. Find out whose CPU best meets your needs.

Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

Network Communication

With the advent of cost-effective TCP/IP, gone are the days of writing your own communication protocols. Ingo shows how easy it is to set up a real-time network whether you choose to use a serial connection or the Ethernet.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

A New View, Part 3: Sensors and Measurement Tools

In Fred's shop of virtual instruments, he installs a data-acquisition card and oscilloscope in his EXPLR2, using VirtualBench. As a result, he can make just about any instrument he needs -- and it's all in software.


Dan Cross-Cole

Using a PC for Radiation Detection

Modifications for Multichannel Analyzer Capability

Having a problem with radon? Using a ADC board and his desktop computer, Dan can measure radon levels as well as the energy of the incoming radiation. The program even shows him what to do to keep radon levels to within EPA limits.

Note: Math corrections in INK 97 Reader I/O, additional information from Stephen Lloyd in INK 98 Reader I/O


Pat Villani


FreeDOS and the Embedded Developer, Part 2: Using the Kernel

Last month, Pat gave us the rundown on FreeDOS, a royalty-free operating system for embedded systems. This month, he shows us how to make it fly with an intelligent printing application for airline tickets and boarding passes.


Note: Comments by Jan Verhoeven in INK 97 Reader I/O


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

An Alarming Improvement, Part 2: Assembly Language Takes the Race

Engineers are never satisfied! Jeff's been thinking about the alarm monitor he and Steve built and he wants to speed it up. Check in to see how a little assembly code and some utilities get things rolling.


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

The Micro Price is Right

Motorola's launch of an 8-bit OTP for less than 50 cents takes Tom down memory lane. Although the 68HC705KJ1 uses an 'HC05 core, it adds a surprising amount of I/O and support logic. Hear the call of another 8-bit war?

Note: comments from Eric Sells in INK 98 Reader I/O


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

It's All in How It's Done

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