Circuit Cellar Ink 97
August 1998

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Ken Davidson

Task Manager

Almost Made 100


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • IMP803 EL lamp driver from IMP, Inc.
  • RPC-220 8051-compatible SBC from Remote Processing
  • DC2-STN 2-axis servo controller from Precision MicroControl Corp.
  • T8AH7BA 8-channel ADC board from Point Six, Inc.
  • PTU-46-70 pan-tilt stage from Directed Perception, Inc.


Norman Jackson


A Mixed-Signal Capture Engine

Has your office become so cluttered that you can't find your oscilloscope or logic analyzer? No problem, Norman will help you build a low-cost, mixed signal capture engine that connects to your computer via the serial port.


Note: Design98 contest winner.


Michael R. Smith
Jason Wudkevich

HTML, HTML Simulating Micro-Controlled Systems

When you're short of cash, you're always looking for less expensive ways to build embedded systems. If you're like Mike and Jason, you'll use virtual devices to test and debug your system and its peripherals.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • PCM-4825 multimedia embedded PC from Advantech Co., Ltd.
  • OSE Illuminator debugging software from Enea OSE Systems, Inc.
  • V-CPU 3.0 virtual CPU software from Summit Design, Inc.
  • Micro-Plus SBCs from R.L.C. Enterprises
  • PBT-415 PCI bus analyzer from VMetro, Inc.
  • SBC-554V PISA-bus SBC from Aaeon Electronics, Inc.

Embedded PC


Ernie Deel

Interprocess Communication Using Anonymous Pipes

While you can link DOS and Win32 applications using a virtual device that creates a wormhole between the systems, Ernie proposes a much simpler way -- the anonymous pipes already native to any Win32 environment.


Embedded PC


Edward Steinfeld

FAT32 -- File System for Data-Intensive Applications

When used with contiguous files, the FAT32 file system enables you to read and write high-speed datastreams to disk. Edward demonstrates this with multichannel audio input which he needs to edit and play back in real time.

Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

Data Acquisition

Collecting data in real time is tricky. You have to consider the response to real-time inputs as well as the delay introduced by data buffers. Ingo gets us up to speed on possible solutions, including DSP- and FPGA-based PC/104 modules.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

Debugging & the Net186

Sure, for basic debugging, you can fix this baby with AMD's E86MON. But, if what you need to do is more challenging, you might want to check out a full-fledged debugging package like Paradigm's. Listen up while Fred walks you through it.

Note: Correction in INK 100 Reader I/O.


Bobby Crouch

HTML, HTML Designing for Smart Cards

Part 2: Practical Implementation

The difficulty in smart-card design always hinges on security. After showing us how to implement transactions, Bobby walks us through the memory authentication procedures that keep the cards shipshape and secure.


Don Lancaster

Vector-to-Step Conversions

An Introductory Tutorial

Whether in video, graphics, or automation, vector-to-step conversion is a critical computing need. Don takes a look at some of the factors that enable you to keep those steps as fast and smooth as possible.


Stuart Ball


Build a Serial Port PROM Programmer, Part 1: Hardware Construction

Stuart's low-cost PROM programmer takes Intel-format and raw ASCII hex data, holds it in an internal 64-KB buffer, and programs it into an EPROM or PIC processor via a serial port. He starts off by focusing on hardware issues.



Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Transformerless Power Conversion

Power to the project! The question is: How to get it there? Jeff's tired of wall warts, so instead he checks into AC and shows you how to eliminate the transformer via a Harris voltage regulator.

Note: Additional comments by Joe Betts-LaCroix in INK 100 Reader I/O.


Tom Cantrell

HTML, HTML Silicon Update

Power Trip

You though B&B stood for "Bed & Breakfast." Not anymore. Tom has redefined the term to mean "Brains & Brawn." Run this through the chip translator and you get "smart power chips."


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

When Boilerplates Won't Do

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