Circuit Cellar Ink 102
January 1999

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Elizabeth Laurencot

Task Manager

Everything Old is New Again


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • Imager tape backup controllers from Ultera Systems
  • DS2436 battery monitor from Dallas Semiconductor
  • NMEA interface adapters from B&B Electronics Mfg. Co.
  • Portable Embedded GUI C++ library from Micro Digital, Inc.
  • GC1100 GPS development system from Z-World
  • Serial LCD interface IC from E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc.
  • Safety-Claw drive lock from Interface Security Solutions Corp.


Stuart Ball

Multiprocessor Communications

Part 1: Methods for Communicating

Communication is tricky no matter what, right? But when you have several processors involved, well, it just gets worse. Stuart begins this two-part series by looking at ways to get the messages between processors on a single backplane.


Joe Circello
Sylvia Thirtle

HTML Developing a Custom Integrated Processor

Analyzing the Price/Performance Tradeoff

If standard processor configurations aren't quite what you need, consider a processor-independent core. Joe and Sylvia bring to your doorstep a customizable core, so you can manipulate valuable variables in the price/performance equation.


Vladimir Ivanovic
Mike Mahar

PDF, PDF HTML, HTML Using Java in Embedded Systems

If you're set on putting some desktop-Java functionality into an embedded system, chances are that you've hadsome sleepless nights. No more! That's what Vladimir and Mike promise if you'll consider the available alternatives.


Hank Wallace

Music at Your Fingertips

Guitar Effects via Remote Control

Hank loves to play guitar, and like many guitarists, he thinks that using pedals to control the effects is too restrictive. What's a stage-raging musician to do? As an embedded-systems designer, Hank opted to put the music in the hands of the artist.

Download: guitar

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • APCI-ADADIO PCI I/O subsystem board from Arcom Control Systems
  • PCM-3610 PC/104 dual-port serial interface from VersaLogic Corp.
  • TMS320F240 DSP with flash from Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • CDS545 flat panel controller from Apollo Display Technologies, Inc.
  • GW2400 PC/104 '486 CPU board from Gateworks Corp.
  • PCI-WDGCSM PCI watchdog timer from ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

Embedded RT-Linux, Part 3: Networking

Why is Linux so popular? It could be the networking. No, not the schmoozing nice-to-meet-ya kind of networking! Ingo's talking about the down-and-dirty details of protocol stacks, link-level devices, network file systems ...

Embedded PC


Fred Eady


In the Face of Medusa, Part 1: Developing Reliable Control

Fred believes any monocomplex embedded system will turn to stone when faced with this NASA ground support unit's host of pumps, valves, and cameras. So, he sent up PicStic to meed the challenge. Has Medusa met her match?


Gordon Dick

HTML, HTML The PCL3013 Step/Servo Motor Controller in Action

If you need a high-performance step/servo motor controller, check in with Gordon. Along with its unique approach to program memory (data is written to preregisters), the PCL3013 offers so many interesting features, you won't want to miss out.


Joe DiBartolomeo


TPU, Part 1: A Coprocessor for Timing Functions

Timing is everything, moreso for embedded systems. So we don't lag behind, Joe provides us with the basics of the timer/counter functions found on various popular microcontrollers before introducing the time processor unit.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Can You Feel the Beat?

With a son taking drum lessons, it's no suprise that Jeff wants to create a metronome. And small wonder that he needs an accurate timebase for it! Listen in to learn how a new crystal oscillator helps out.


Tom Cantrell

PDF HTML Silicon Update

Wires, Wires Everywhere, The RF Solution

Tom's had a wire problem for years. But, with some embedded-world technology, he may have found the fix at last. He's hoping Micrel's complete radio receiver in a single chip will bring him a cable-free future.


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