Circuit Cellar Ink 103
February 1999

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Elizabeth Laurencot

Task Manager

Avoiding the Fuzzy Faux Pas


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • ADR2000 data acquisition module from Ontrak Control Systems, Inc.
  • BOB-II video text display module from Decade Engineering
  • Pocket Watch B real-time clock from Solutions Cubed
  • Universal Memory Emulator from Scanlon Design, Inc.
  • VM-1608 voice playback module from Eletech Electronics, Inc.
  • Micro Lab-51 SBC from Allen Systems


Walter Banks

Fuzzy Logic Becomes Velvet Programming

We don't hear too much about fuzzy logic anymore. And, Walter wondered why. But once he started looking at the applications around him, it became clear that there's a reason for all the hush-hush. Fuzzy logic has hit the mainstream.


Constantin von Altrock

PDF HTML, HTML Truck Speed Limiter Control

Is your teen learning to drive? Are you worried? If you think they lack logic, maybe you should consider fuzzy logic. Constantin uses fuzzy rules to consistently limit the speed of commercial trucks, despite weight variables and truck type.


Constantin von Altrock

Fuzzy Footfalls

Pressure Sensing in a Medical Shoe

If you've ever had knee surgery, you know how long it takes to recover. Imagine a pressure sensor that enables you to monitor the pressure you're putting on a bad knee. Fuzzy logic and a tension sensor make it all possible.


John Carbone


A C++ Dialect for Embedded Systems

Want to be able to maintain valuable C++ concepts while eliminating those responsible for boosting memory requirements and reducing efficiency? John shows us how with EC++, a new dialect that targets embedded systems.

Download: Carbone.ZIP


Stuart Ball

Multiprocessor Communications

Part 2: Serial Communication Methods

It's not always true, but there are times when more distance is a good thing, right? (Maybe the tax man or your mother-in-law come to mind...) But when that message still has to get across, Stuart's methods work both locally and over long distances.

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • AIM104-Video PC/104 video capture board from Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
  • AVT-931 Dual J1850 Interface from Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Inc.
  • NTR2000-P ISA realtime clock card from Industrial Computer Source
  • Scalable CPU II module from parvus Corp.
  • TNS1210 PCI bus ATM adapter from Tekelec Temex
  • PCM-120 PCMCIA floppy/120MB drive from Analog & Digital Peripherals, Inc.

Embedded PC


Thomas Wall
Mike Bauer

An OS for Test and Measurement

Looking to improve on some existing products, Burleigh Instruments did some comparison shopping for a new operating system. The result? Windows CE came out on top. Check in with Thomas and Mike to see why.

Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

Embedded RT-Linux, Part 4: Developing Under Linux gcc/gdb

Want to work with Linux? Well, then, you need to know about the development tools. Fortunately, all of Linux's development tools run under Linux -- that includes everything from compilers and languages to I/O debugging.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

In the Face of Medusa, Part 2: A Whole New Solution

Fred had it all figured out. His tried-and-true design was set to go, but then a conversation with a friend turned him on to something new. Using an Octagon 6040 and an industrial-strength BASIC made all the difference in the world.


Joe DiBartolomeo


TPU, Part 2: Freeing the CPU

Now that we know what the TPU is, we can begin to put it to work for us. In this installment, Joe applies the TPU to some processor-intensive applications. The big advantage of TPU is the increase in throughput.


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

JTAG Testability

Seems that some standards don't do what they were designed for. They turn out to do more! This month, Jeff explains why JTAG is being so widely adopted by manufacturers of everything from chips to systems.


Tom Cantrell

PDF HTML Silicon Update

Car 1451, Where are You? A Look at the IEEE 1451 Standard

Smart sensors aren't new, but the IEEE 1451 standard is. As Tom investigates this new development, he asks whether we're entering the digital age of sensors. Should you scrap all of your op-amp databooks?


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