Circuit Cellar Ink 164
March 2004

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Looking for a Security Blanket


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • Xport 2 Gameboy embedded development system from Charmed Labs LLC
  • Serial programmer for Microchip PICs from microEngineering Labs, Inc.


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Arvind Nath Rapaka
Wilfried Elmenreich
Donald Wunsch II

TTP/A Protocol and Design

TTP/A is a time-triggered field bus protocol that you can use to establish real-time communication between transducer nodes. In this article, Arvind, Wilfried, and Donald show you how TTP/A works and describe its implementation on an Atmel AT90S4433.

Download: 164-Rapaka,Elmenreich,


Brian Millier

HTML BasicCards 101

Part 1: Program Your First Smartcard

As opposed to credit cards, which have magnetic strips that store data, smartcards contain microcontrollers that store data and run programs. In this series of articles, Brian introduces you to smartcard technology and explains how you can program your own card using the BASIC programming language.


Richard Wotiz

Backpack Water Level Monitor

The Backpack Water Level Monitor measures and monitors the water level in a hiker's hydration pack. It's a great solution for serious adventurers and novices alike. In this article, Richard shows you how to build your own system with a Motorola MC33794 e-field sensor and an MC68HC908QY4 microcontroller.



Ken Merk

Wireless Vehicle Tracking

Part 2: Forth-Based Speech Synthesis

Last month, Ken showed you how he designed a GPS-based wireless vehicle tracking sys-tem. Now he's back with information on the code that's required for speech synthesis. He closes with a detailed description of how he took the system for a test drive in his Ford Windstar.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

The UCA93LV Advantage

Implement I2C on Your PC

Your new PC doesn't include an I2C interface? No problem. Fred has an interesting solution. Follow along as he explains how some basic code and a Calibre UCA93LV can bring the power of an I2C bus to your PC.


Michael Melkonian

Software-Only Hardware Simulation

Simulating embedded hardware in a Windows environment can significantly reduce development time. In this article, Michael provides techniques for the software-only simulation of embedded hardware. He presents a simple example of an RTOS-less embedded system that uses memory-mapped I/O to access a UART-like peripheral to serially poll a slave device. The simulator is capable of detecting bugs and troublesome design flaws.



Tom Napier

The Ultimate Firmware NCO?


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Intelligent Current Sensing

Harness the Power of the ACS750 Hall Effect Current Sensor

Looking for an isolated current sensor? Look no further. The ACS750 family of current sensors is an inexpensive solution for designs that require motor control, load detection, and over-current fault protection. This month, Jeff shows you how to use these powerful devices to your advantage.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Memory Memoir

Remembrance of memory past. Confused? Don't be. From the ancient 2102 chips of the '70s to the more recent MRAM chips, Tom surveys the storied history of memory technology.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

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