Circuit Cellar Ink 166
May 2004

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Improve Your Communication Skills


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • QS Series USB module from Linx Technologies, Inc.
  • 9X- and 24XStream-PKG-UA USB-enabled RF modems from MaxStream, Inc.


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Sergio Torrioli
Guido Torrioli

Programmable IR Receiver for PCs

If you have a PC-based multimedia system in your living room, you can take that wireless keyboard off your lap. After converting an old PC into a multimedia player, Sergio and Guido built a programmable IR receiver that controls the PC from a distance. The PIC16F84A-driven system can decode a standard IR remote control and send commands to a PC just like a keyboard. Relaxing just got easier.



D. Jay Newman

HTML Embedded Java Controllers

Before you start piecing together your next robotics puzzle, consider what Jay has to say about the power of embedded Java controllers. In this article, he introduces you to Systronix Java controllers and the SimmStick bus they use. He concludes with information about the code and hardware that he used to create a simple motor controller for R/C servos.



Anders Rosvall

Simple Bluetooth Integration

Part 1: Implementing Bluetooth Modules

It may be easier than you think to integrate Bluetooth technology in your designs. In the first part of this series, Anders introduces two Bluetooth modules -- the ROK104001 and cB-OEMSPA13i -- and sets the stage for an interesting project that he describes in Part 2.


Ingo Cyliax

Wi-Fi-Enabled Embedded Control

Looking for an easy wireless solution for your embedded applications? In this article, Ingo shows you how to Wi-Fi-enable embedded applications with a wireless bridge.



Andrew Smallridge

Ethernet Bootloader

After reading Norman Jackson's 1998 Circuit Cellar article about his BitScope, which is a mixed-signal capture engine, Andrew started working on an Ethernet interface for it -- the LAN interface adapter (LIA). Here he describes the LIA and explains how he came up with an Ethernet bootloader solution, which basically includes the code working in the PIC, the controlling host, and an Ethernet connection.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

HTML Radio Roundup

Fred spent an entire month accumulating and categorizing embedded radio equipment. Has he become obsessed with collecting RF technology? It's a bit too early to label him a certified radiophile, so give him a chance to explain what he's been up to. Who knows, perhaps his explanation will inspire you to incorporate some wireless gadgetry in your next design.


Anton Kruger

USI-Based I2C Slave

Implementing an I2C interface doesn't have to be a hardware-heavy endeavor; you can combine a microcontroller's external interrupt and software. The USI subsystem found on the ATtiny26 enables serial communication. In this article Anton explains everything you need to know, including the software specifics, to create a USI-based I2C slave.



Fred Eady

Get Moving with the MC34921 Power System Control IC

Motorola's MC34921 is an inexpensive solution for controlling small motors. At first, Fred was going to incorporate the device in a generic robotics project that you could work on in your downtime. However, he soon switched gears, thinking it better to cover a development kit that you can immediately put to use.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

HTML USB in Embedded Design

Part 2: HIDmaker Converts an Application

Jeff makes converting to USB an attractive option with HIDmaker, a highly efficient program that does all the work for you. Creating USB software has never been easier.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

The Heat Is On

Whether you're building the next Mars rover or a small fire-detecting unit for a robotics contest, you can never know too much about temperature-sensing technology. Tom surveys the various techniques you can use to bring temperature-sensing capability to your designs.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

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