Circuit Cellar Ink 169
August 2004

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Jennifer Huber

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Looking Ahead


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • PIC10Fxxx family of 6-pin microcontrollers from Microchip Technology, Inc.
  • MAX3747(A) multirate limiting amplifiers from Maxim Integrated Products
  • OrbiTrak 8R PC/104 GPS receiver from Parvus Corp.
  • EN5330 integrated DC-to-DC converter from Enpirion, Inc.
  • PI Expert Suite 5.0 power supply design software from Power Integrations
  • ThyZorb surface-mount thyristor surge suppressors from Vishay Semiconductors


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Glen Worstell

HTML Ham Radio Repeater Locator

Ham radio enthusiasts no longer have to manually tune the radio as new repeaters come into range. Glen's Ham Radio Repeater Locator consists of a Zilog microcomputer with the locations and frequencies of several thousand repeaters stored in its flash memory. The system displays the distance to the nearest eight repeaters and more.



Joe Grand

Understanding Embedded Security

The more literate you are on the subject of embedded security the better. But it's a complicated topic, so where should you begin? In this article, Joe shows you how to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in your embedded designs and evaluate the threats against your products. Designing offensively may be your best protection against attack.


Tom Napier

PICs, DRAMs, and Graphic Displays

Build a Graphics LCD Driver

Sometimes you have to mix old and new technology to meet your specific design needs. Tom knows this well. He recently followed this line of thought to build a multipurpose graphics LCD driver, which he hopes to use for applications such as a graphics terminal and a pocket oscilloscope. The serial interface for the display includes a PIC16C57 and old RAM chips.



Rich LeGrand

Closed-Loop Motion Control for Mobile Robotics

Rich recently came up with two closed-loop drive train designs for mobile robots. All it took were some inexpensive permanent magnet motors and a simple feedback scheme. In this article, he covers everything from PID control and tuning to trajectory generation and operational space control for two robot bases. He also explains the software.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Is There a Robot in Your Future?

Emerging Robot Technologies

A lover of all things robotic, Jeff was beaming when he returned from the recent Emerging Robotics Technologies and Applications Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This month he discusses some of the most exciting innovations in the robotics industry.



Seenath Punnakkal
Sameer Cholayil

E-Field Sensor-Based Monitoring System

Whether you're looking to build a simple suitcase alarm or a high-tech surveillance system for your home, you'll want to study Seenath and Sameer's design before you begin. From a description of the MC33794 e-field sensor to useful programming tips, this article will help you get started on your own monitoring system.


Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

Stepper Drive

Part 1: Analog

The motors in Ed's milling machine were whining, so he opened the controller box and started working on the problem. In this two-part series, Ed explains how he reworked the controller box to run a bit quieter.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

PSoC 101

Analog design doesn't have to be complicated, especially if you use a PSoC. In this column, Fred describes his PSoC development system, which is geared toward the CY8C27443.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell


Part 2: Motor Control Chips and Software

Last month, Tom covered the types of electric motors you have at your disposal. Now he switches gears to the topic of silicon and software.


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Steve Ciarcia

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