Circuit Cellar Ink 171
October 2004

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Redesigned to Impress


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • SeaI/O modular I/O system from Sealevel Systems, Inc.


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Charlie Krauter

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Charlie recently built a data acquisition system that he now uses when experimenting with liquid piston steam engines. The system includes a CAN bus-to-Ethernet bridging device and a CAN-based thermocouple interface node.



Erwin Saavedra

E-Field Serial Touchpad

Want to get rid of that mouse? Erwin's MC33794-based E-Field Serial Touchpad is the solution you're looking for. The pad connects to your PC's serial port. Simply drag your fingertip across the aluminum pad and tap gently to initiate a command.



Shlomo Engelberg
Haim Benjamin

Pseudo-Random Noise Theory and Applications

Shlomo and Haim's ADuC812-based noise generation system produces noise on demand. Read on to learn how you can use pseudo-random sequences for measurement purposes.


Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

Stepper Drive

Part 2: Digital

In Ed's last column, he described how he reworked the stepper circuitry in his Sherline CNC mill controller to run a bit quieter. This month, he goes into more detail about PWM current regulation. He also describes how his modifications have affected the waveforms.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Big PICs

The newest members the PIC18Fxxxx family are high-pin-count devices that boast up to 128 KB of program flash memory, more than 3 KB of data memory, and 1 KB of EEPROM. Fred explains how he built an embedded Bluetooth radio as he experimented with a few PIC microcontrollers and the Promi-ESD-02 Bluetooth module.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Digital Radio Control

When it comes to building R/C systems, digital control is the way to go. In this article, you'll learn how to retrofit your R/C vehicle with a simple digital system. With Jeff's help, you can animate an R/C airplane with retractable landing gear and controllable lights.



Larry Cicchinelli

Single-Board Logic Analyzer

Larry's eight-channel, single-board logic analyzer can connect to any parallel port on your PC. It's a great tool to have on hand if you work with complex digital circuits. Read on to learn more about this small, inexpensive design.



Andrew Smallridge

Intelligent Sensor Head

Andrew redesigned the temperature sensor conditioning and acquisition subsystem of a Bowen ratio data acquisition system. He used intelligent sensor heads connected via a digital communication bus to a centralized logging unit.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Try Hard with a Vengeance

Altera and Xilinx are fighting for the largest share of the programmable logic market. This month, Tom brings you up to speed on this protracted game of tit-for-tat. Read on to learn about the newest parts Altera has brought into the fray.

2003 Renesas Design Contest


Jingxi Zhang
Yang Zhang
Huifang Ni

HTML, HTML Telephone Message Watchdog

An Intelligent Call-Forwarding System

The Telephone Message Watchdog is an H8S/2398-based message-forwarding system for home telephones. The touch-tone detection system triggers when your answering machine picks up a call. After the caller hangs up, the system contacts you on your cell phone or pager.



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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

The Collegiate Challenge

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