Circuit Cellar Ink 179
June 2005

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Jennifer Huber

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John Gorsky

New Product News

  • GT-SMD1812 series gas tube arrestors from Lumex
  • MAX5108/5109 (dual) and MAX5115/5116 (quad) nonvolatile 8-bit DACs from Maxim Integrated Products
  • R302 Modbus mixed-signal remote terminal unit (RTU) from R2 Controls
  • tinyAVR flash microcontroller family from Atmel Corp.
  • LTC1867L 16-bit, eight-channel, 175-ksps, 3-V ADC from Linear Technology Corp.
  • Universal Relay Board from IndustroLogic, Inc.
  • EM01 PowerPC-based Embedded System Module from MEN Micro, Inc.


David Tweed

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Chris Coulston

Electronic Angle Measurement

The Angle Resolving Component (ARC) is an angle measurement device that enables Chris to calculate the inclination of hills as he rides his bicycle. The PIC16F84A-based portable system generates highly accurate readings.


2004 PSoC Design Contest


Clayton Gumbrell

Precision Frequency Meter

You can accurately measure frequencies up to 250 kHz with Clayton's CY8C27443 microcontroller-based Precision Frequency Meter. The meter also serves as a clock.


2004 PSoC Design Contest


Jennifer Huber

2004 PSoC High Integration Challenge Winners Announcement

Change the way you think about embedded design

The PSoC High Integration Challenge 2004 provided designers with the opportunity to incorporate a Cypress CY8C2xxxx Programmable System-on-Chip device in a project and compete for a cut of $12,000 in cash prizes. Designers from around the world stepped up to the challenge. A temperature-controlled soldering station was postmarked from Poland. An innovative frequency meter was submitted from New Zealand. A high-tech magnetometer came in from California. These are just a few of the impressive designs that poured in from 23 countries. After carefully looking over every entry, the judges awarded Lindsay Meek of Australia the Grand Prize for his clever Solar Pump Controller project. The CY8C27443 microcontroller-based system operates a submersible water pump using power generated by solar panels. No standard power sources necessary. Congratulations to Lindsay and all of the other winners!

Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

RF Attenuation

Resistors at RF

The tracking generator on Ed's spectrum analyzer produces RF at levels too high for receivers. He built an attenuator so he could study his radio's behavior. But like capacitors, resistors can behave in unexpected ways at high frequencies. This month Ed studies signal levels and takes a closer look at resistors at RF.


2004 PSoC Design Contest


Alexander Popov
Jordan Popov
Peter Popov

Accurate Capacitance Meter

There's no need to shell out big bucks for a reliable capacitance meter. Peter, Alexander, and Jordan joined forces to design a comparable capacitance meter around a CY8C27443 MCU.



Philip Nowe

Low-Cost Logic Analyzer for FPGAs

Imagine being able to look inside your FPGA to see what it's doing. Now imagine doing so at a reasonable cost! You can do it all with Philip's Excel logic analyzer (ELA).


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Embedded USB Made Simpler

You can add USB functionality to an embedded design even if you don't have a comprehensive understanding of USB technology. Check out what Fred did with DLP Design and FTDI parts.


Robert N. Capper, Jr.

Short-Range IR Communications System

Progressive Reflective Transmission Solution

Robert's PIC12F629-based infrared transmission system is perfect for short-range communication. It's a reflective system, so you can place the various components wherever you'd like.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Surface-Mount Technology Guide

Are you nervous about working with surface-mount technology (SMT)? Jeff was too, which is why he stuck with through-hole parts for such a long time. But times are changing, and many parts are currently available as only surface-mount devices. Read on if you want to conquer you fear of SMT once and for all.

Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Best In Show

Zilog revives interest in a venerable breed. Not only do the new eZ8 XPs have great peripheral features, they're extremely affordable. Leave it to Tom to spot the 8-bit underdog.


Victor Lick

Intelligent Automatic Garage Door Opener

PIC and Sensors Sophisticate Automation

The things you can build around a PIC16F628 microcontroller. How about a multipurpose circuit that can control automation, sensor, and monitoring systems? Read on to learn how Victor incorporated such a circuit in an automated garage door system.



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Steve Ciarcia

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