Circuit Cellar Ink 186
January 2006

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Something for Everyone


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • Ulinx UTP/fiber USB extender from B&B electronics
  • SchmartBoardEZ QFP prototyping board from SchmartBOARD
  • Firgelli miniature linear actuators from Firgelli Technologies
  • RF Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) from TEN-TEC
  • SL80C051 tamper-resistant, dual MCS8051 microcontroller from Silicon Laude


Jeremy Baugher
Stephen Fenwick

Internet-Connected Display System

Jeremy and Stephen use their Voyeur system to display textual content from the Internet. The compact system, which is extremely easy to mount on a wall, features an eZ80F91 micro-controller and a Noritake 2 x 20 CU20029ECPB display.



Richard Wotiz

Electronic Scarecrow

Richard's Electronic Scarecrow keeps animals from foraging for food in backyard gardens. It includes four remote stations designed around MC13192 SARD boards. When an animal is detected, the system generates loud sounds and runs water sprinklers to scare it away.



Serhiy Matviyenko

Low-Cost EKG Pulsometer

Healthcare professionals use expensive high-tech pulsometers to monitor their patients' pulse rates. You can use Serhiy's low-cost EKG pulsometer for a variety of medical, sports, and home appliance applications. You won't miss a beat with this CY8C27443-based system.



Monte Dalrymple

Third-Generation Rabbit

A Look at the Rabbit 4000

You've used Rabbit 2000 and 3000 microprocessors. Now it's time to get familiar with the Rabbit 4000, the newest addition to the Rabbit line of low-EMI microprocessors. According to Monte, the new design includes several exciting features that will enable you to take your communications, embedded control, and Ethernet connectivity applications to the next level.


David Gamble
Andrew Smallridge

Watchdog Supervisory System

It's now possible to increase the availability of a remote data system without hooking into the system's internals. David and Andrew's PIC18F452 microcontroller-based watchdog supervisor system does the trick.



Lindsay Meek

Portable Web Server

Host your web site the embedded way. No server PC required. Lindsay shows you how to build an M32C/84-based portable web server.



Ingo Cyliax

Internet-Connected Sonic Anemometer

Ingo's Internet-based sonic anemometer gauges wind velocities by measuring the speed of sound in air. Read on to learn how the system works. Ingo has included all the information you need to get started on an anemometer of your own.


Victor Lick

Advanced System for Vehicle Back Up

Rangefinder and Video Display System Aids Drivers

Victor built a PIC18F2320-based, distance-measuring video system so his friend could safely back his truck up to his RV trailer. After a Parallax PING))) ultrasonic ranger measures the distance between the truck and the trailer, the system displays the data on a small monitor.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Hot Enough for You?

Once again, Tom was our eyes and ears at the annual Hot Chips conference in Silicon Valley. This month he reports on the proceedings and covers such hot topics as power density crises and parallelism.

From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Regulator Review

New regulator modules are in line to replace trusty old 1-A linear regulators. Are you ready to bring these newbies to your bench? Read on for Jeff's comprehensive review.

Applied PCs


Fred Eady

ARM Applications with MicroBolt

If you have an industrial application in the works, take a look at Micromint's MicroBolt -- a Philips LPC2106 microcontroller-based embedded controller. You can program the small module in C or assembly language. Fred shows you how to get started.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

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