Circuit Cellar Ink 191
June 2006

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Jennifer Huber

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John Gorsky

New Product News

  • 1070 Series AC true RMS current transducers from American Aerospace Controls
  • MaxSonar-EZ1 high-performance ultrasonic rangefinder from Maxbotix Technologies
  • CAN-4-USB/FX USB-to-CAN interface from Zanthic Technologies, Inc.
  • QCard 68HC11F1-based C-programmable computer from Mosaic Industries, Inc.
  • MAX1365-68 stand-alone panel meter ICs from Maxim Integrated Products
  • ADuM5240-42 dual-channel digital isolators from Analog Devices, Inc.


John Peterson

Measurement System for Weight and Dimensions

With John's M16C/62P-based system, it's quick and easy to weigh and measure packages of various sizes for shipment. By pressing a button, the package's weight and dimensions are shown on the system's LCD. The data is then uploaded to your PC.



Mark Nesdoly

Home-Brewed HERMS

Mark used his technical know-how to customize a heat exchange recirculating mash system (HERMS) for brewing beer at his house. The PIC18F452 microcontroller-based system features PID control for reaching and maintaining temperatures for mashing.



Ross Tsukashima
Ha Le Cao

Touch-N-Talk Learning Toy

PIC16F876-Based System for Language Acquisition

Touch-N-Talk is an interactive learning toy designed to help children associate words with objects. When an object is placed on a sensor pad, the system provides instant audio feedback.



Howard Davis

Bass Pedal Upgrade

Build a PIC-Based Optical Pedal System

After a professional guitarist inquired about upgrading his 30-year-old Moog Taurus II bass pedal set, Howard set out to modernize the system. The upgraded system enables the musician to easily change settings during a performance.



Andrew Sawchuk
Joseph Tanen

Nontraditional Cursor Control

ATmega32-Based Motion Sensing

Andrew and Joseph's motion-sensing glove enables you to control the cursor on your computer screen without the use of a mouse. Built around an ATmega32 microcontroller, the system functions as a two-button mouse with vertical scrolling.



Daniel Malik

Unique Way to Measure Temperature

A Heating Element Turned Sensor

Forget those expensive temperature sensors. Now you can use an ordinary heating element like a soldering iron to measure temperature. Daniel's upgraded soldering iron will be a great addition to your workbench.


Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

Stepper Failure

Death By Disconnection

Ed recently investigated why some stepper motors were burning out. Here he explains his findings and reviews the analog side of stepper motor electronics.

Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Embedded Ethernet Design

Write a Set of Ethernet IC Drivers

Don't start that next embedded Ethernet design until you check out what Fred has to say about the Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. Creating your own set of Ethernet IC drivers will make your life a whole lot easier.



Richard Wotiz

Earth Field Magnetometer

Richard's CY8C22213-based Earth Field Magnetometer measures the strength of the Earth's magnetic field. The sensitive system calculates variations in the magnetic field that result from solar storms and aurora activity.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Can You Speak CAN?

The Newest CAN Modules

In this two-part article, Jeff introduces you to some of the newest CAN modules on the market. Get ready to begin your own CAN-based system.

Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Three-Axis Foursome

Tom's been covering microelectromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer technology for more than 10 years. This month he describes the newest batch to hit the street.


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Steve Ciarcia

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