Circuit Cellar Ink 192
July 2006

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Revisiting a Popular Project


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • SCM5B48 accelerometer signal conditioner from Dataforth Corp.
  • UOB8 8-channel optoisolator board from Industrologic, Inc.
  • WildFireMod module-sized SBC with SD and LAN from Intec Automation, Inc.
  • MSP43FG461x series of extended-architecture microcontrollers from Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • SIO-104+16.485 16-port RS-485 PC/104 module from Sealevel Systems, Inc.
  • Matrix-500 ARM9-based Linux-compatible SBC from Artila Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • AS13985 LDO regulator in WL-CSP from Austramicrosystems


Gordon Dick

Weather Station Upgrade

Gordon recently upgraded his weather station. The system now features a new rain gauge, electronic weather vane, anemometer, and thermometer.



Bruce D. Lightner

Tiny AVR Serial Port Programmer

Now you can program AVR microcontrollers via your PC's serial port for less than $10. Bruce's general-purpose, ATtiny15L-based AVR programmer plugs into a laptop's serial port and draws its power from the port's modem control lines.



Bruce Hopkins

Wireless Data Transfer

Get Started with the Bluetooth Serial Port

Bruce describes how he uses Bluetooth to move data between his PCs. You can apply the same principles to numerous other electronic devices.



Kris Ardis

Network-Enable Legacy Equipment

Kris used the TINI embedded networking platform to access an old dot-matrix printer through his network. You can use the same technique to network-enable your legacy equipment too.


2005 Philips ARM Design Contest


Steve Lubbers

Precision Motion-Sensing System Analyzer

Steve built an LPC2138 microcontroller-based, motion-sensing system for bull riders. The compact data-logging system can determine a bull's pattern of movement.


2005 Philips ARM Design Contest


Stefan Morley

Dual-Axis Level Sensor

Are your large home appliances level? Stefan's dual-axis level sensor will give you accurate readings. The LPC2138 microcontroller-based system displays easy-to-read data on its LCD.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Wireless Network Analysis

Sniff Around a ZigBee PAN with ZENA

Need to check in on a wireless network? Fred explains how to analyze a ZigBee network with a ZENA wireless network analyzer. The hardware and software simplify everything.



Neal Martini

Compact Spectrum Analyzer

If RF testing is in your future, you'll need a spectrum analyzer. But they don't come cheap. Your best bet is to follow Neal's lead by building your own 4" x 4" system.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Can You Speak CAN?

Part 2: A Look at CANopen

Last month, Jeff introduced some of the new CAN modules on the market. This month, he describes the advantages of using the higher-level CANopen protocol.

Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Device Surfer

Your new laptop doesn't have a serial port, but you still have several embedded gadgets that require one. What to do? Check out what Tom has to say about device servers. Now you can turn the 'Net into a long RS-232 cable.



Crossword Puzzle


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

On-Scene Initiative

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