Circuit Cellar Ink 205
August 2007

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CJ Abate

HTML Task Manager

Another Eclectic Mix


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • II EVB-630 iChip CO2128 IP controller evaluation board from Connect One
  • iLoad Series of digital load/force sensors from Loadstar Sensors, Inc.
  • Embedded Workbench for the Renesas R32C series from IAR Systems Software, Inc.
  • Stellaris LM3S6965 Ethernet evaluation kit from Luminary Micro, Inc.
  • GlideSensor development kit from Cirque Corp.
  • Wireless-Ember ZigBee edition development kit from CCS, Inc.
  • DS75LX digital I2C temperature sensor from Maxim Integrated Products
  • uM-FPU V3.1 floating-point coprocessor chip from Micromega Corp.


Jingxi Zhang
Yang Zhang

Handheld Multifunction Scope

If you need to monitor signals and inspect target devices, you can design your own LM3S811-based handheld multifunctional oscilloscope. This system supports several modes: Oscilloscope, Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Capacitance Meter, Inductance Meter, Frequency Counter, Logic Probe, and Pulse Generator.



Roxanne Ahmed
Michael Buchanan
Andrew Clarke
Chris Elder
Warren Shrieves

Electronic Bicycle Design

This electronic bicycle will work only as hard as you do. Motor power is controlled by the amount of torque you apply to the pedals: the harder you ride, the more torque is added to the rear wheel. Lithium-ion batteries and ultracapacitors power the system.



Chris Cantrell

Text Adventure Gaming

Remember the old Pyramid 2000 text game? Chris shows you how to use a Parallax Propeller chip and the Cog Coordination language (CCL) -- a simple interpretive language that he developed for the Propeller -- to breathe new life into the old text adventure game.



Keith Brown

Build a PHP Components Database

Keith introduces you to the LAMP software suite and walks you through your first PHP project: a program for logging and tracking your parts. Now you can use your favorite browser to access your programs without having to generate a GUI for new applications.



Steve Hendrix

1-Wire in the Real World

Part 1: The Challenges

Steve explains the challenges of taking a 1-Wire deicing system for small aircraft from a laboratory prototype to a real-world application. The ThermaWing Deice System relies on a proprietary algorithm requiring tight control of surface temperatures to enable the system to melt ice.


The Darker Side


Robert Lacoste

Let's Play with EMI!

Robert sheds light on the "dark" subject of electromagnetic interference.He covers everything from electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues to helpful design techniques. With a few modifications to your next design, you will be able to reduce the amount of unwanted radiation emission.


Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

Hearing Clearly

After experiencing some hearing loss, Ed decided to perform several measurements on ears, earphones, and microphones. In this article, he introduces a circuit that compensates for his poor hearing.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Graphical User Interfacing

Jeff explains how he used NS Basic to connect the Palm operating system to a microcontroller through its hard-wired serial connection. Now he can create applications for handheld devices and harness his PDA's full potential.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Secrets

Tom assuages your concerns about identity theft with information about some new chips that can protect your embedded designs. Atmel's AT88SC CryptoMemory lineup features passwords, encryption, and other security features that will guard your system from hack attacks.


Crossword Puzzle


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Steve Ciarcia

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Let's Count the Lumens

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