Circuit Cellar Ink 49
August 1994

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Ken Davidson

Editor's INK

The Ultimate Data Collection Machine


Reader's INK

Letters to the Editor


Harv Weiner

New Product News


Brian Millier

The Two-channel Printer Recorder

Replace that Expensive Strip-chart Recorder with a Dot-Matrix Printer

The strip-chart recorder eliminates worries about lost memory or post-processing data to graph it, but it can be expensive. Get most of the features without the cost by using a common dot-matrix printer.



J. Conrad Hubert

Get Precise, with the precis A/D Converter

Collect Lots of Precise Data with this 16-bit, 100-kHz ADC

"High speed" and "high resolution" are usually mutually exclusive, but not with precis. This ISA-bus board works with any PC and has the capability to overrun even the fastest PC-compatible system.


Chris Peoples

Calibrating Seismic Velocity Transducers with precis

An A/D converter board in hand is worthless without having something to use it for. Chris picks up where J. Conrad left off in the previous article by applying the precis ADC board to a real application.


Barry Rein, Esq.

Patents and Copyrights for Protecting Software

Recent Progress in Finding the Proper Balance

"Can I protect my code?" Developments in copyright and patent law suggest that finally a slightly definitive "yes" is coming through.


Ed Nisley

PDF Firmware Furnace

Journey to the Protected Land: Segments All the Way Down

The protected land where 80x86-type processors try to be like the big boys is fraught with peril, so you must be careful. Travel with Ed as he tries to make the journey smoother for those who follow.

Download: FF49.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

PDF From the Bench

Ta(l)king Control

The dream of a computer understanding the spoken word lives on, and Jeff has found a new chip that makes it easier to fulfill. Find out if his computer is finally doing as he says and not as he does.

Download: FTB49.ZIP


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

In the Realm of Sensors

In any embedded control or data collection system, the sensors are just as important as the controller. While typically analog, sensor interfaces are slowly making the transition to digital. Check out what's new.


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Speed Demon in 80031's Clothing: Exploring the DS80C320 Processor

How do you increase the performance of an existing 8031 circuit by just changing the processor? Add a Dallas Semiconductor 80C320. Find out about other timing-related issues that also come into play.


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