Circuit Cellar Ink 50
September 1994

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Ken Davidson

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Harv Weiner

New Product News


Dana Romero

Time to Meet Big Brother: Exploring the M68HC16

The M68HC11's big brother -- the M68HC16 -- has been on the market for a short time now. Take a look at how the siblings compare and find out what the more powerful of the two has to offer for your next application.

Download: HC16EVAL.ZIP


Hugo Cheung

DRAM on an 8031: It's Not as Hard as You'd Think

Although the 8051 family is not designed to use DRAM, it can be done. Hugo shows us how to connect the 8051 family CPU to 256 KB or more DRAM.


Ron Stence

Motorola's 68322 Processor: Redefining the Low-end Laser Market

Chip integration has consistently reduced the size and price of devices while improving their speed, reliability, and features. The laser printer is no exception. This new chip could revolutionize the low-end market.


Michael Collier, Ph.D.
Fred Gweme

Preventing the Ultimate Blow: A Portable Checking Unit for 8751s

When you're doing engineering in a country where microcontrollers aren't particularly plentiful, you take great care not to to blow up the ones you have. When one appears dead, plug it into this tester for instant results.

Download: 8751TST.ASM


Stephen Bigelow

Understanding PC Buses

While most people are familiar with buses like ISA, EISA, and MCA, what about newer players like VL and PCI? Why do we need more and more buses when the old ones just won't die? Stephen surveys the field to find out.


Ed Nisley

PDF Firmware Furnace

Journey to the Protected Land: Smashing Bugs in Gates

Now that you have a vast, wide-open space in which to put your code, how do you deal with calls and jumps? Also, how does the processor protect itself against rogue code? Ed checks out the scenery.

Download: FF50.ZIP


Jeff Bachiochi

From the Bench

Probing the Dark Side: The Motorist's Aid to Hindsight

Motorcyclists have enough going against them when they take to the road without having to worry about missing someone in their blind spot. Jeff turns to technology to help make his next ride just a little bit safer.

Download: FTB50.ZIP


Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

PID-Pong: Point, Set, Match: Using a Hitachi H8 for Real-time Control

Just when you thought it was safe to bring out your ping-pong balls again, Tom reintroduces his PID-Pong challenge. He now has a winner, and he describes just what victory required.

Download: PIDDLE.ZIP


John Dybowski

Embedded Techniques

Fast Processors, Big Caps, and Ring Oscillators

Continuing his discussion of the ec.32 board, John finally spends some time with the DS80C320 itself, plus considers how to back up system components through a power outage and how to keep power use to a minimum.


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