Circuit Cellar Ink 173
December 2004

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

Looking Back


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • SF-MLF32A-A-02 SMT package emulator from Ironwood Electronics
  • XGameStation Micro Edition video game development kit from Nurve Networks LLC
  • MS Series wireless link encoder/decoder from Linx Technologies, Inc.
  • ADA4851-x family of opamps from Analog Devices, Inc.
  • EC200 Embedded Java Controller from Snijder Micro Systems
  • Model 889A in-circuit LCR/ESR meter from B&K Precision Corp.
  • STTCI-M stackable RS-232 thermocouple input module from Weeder Technologies


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Richard Wotiz

HTML H8/38024F-Based Programmable Timer

Contest Winner

No more fussing around with household timers. Now you can manage time-sensitive activities like exercise routines with Richard's H8/38024F-based programmable timer. Want the alarm to sound every 10 minutes without your having to reset the time? No problem. Simply key in your requirements beforehand.


Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

Building Boxes

Ever wonder how Ed packages the gadgets he shares with us? This month he gives box building its due. From reusing large boxes to building small ones, it's all inside this column.

From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

HTML Light-to-Frequency Conversion

Part 1: TSL230R-Based Pulse Oximeter

TAOS light-to-frequency converters are becoming increasingly popular amongst designers whose applications require light-sensing capabilities. One reason why is because designers want digital output rather than analog. In this column, Jeff explains why a TAOS TSL230R is the perfect part for the pulse oximeters used in hospitals.


Jennifer Huber

AVR 2004 Design Contest

  • Grand Prize: Color TFT LCD Controller by Michal Sieluzycki
  • First Prize: Fuel-Consumption Gauge for Your GM Car by Bruce Lightner
  • Second Prize: AVRcam by John Orlando and Brent Taylor
  • Third Prize: PRO-I/O Breadboard Development System by Kenneth Lumia
  • Sing-Along by Richard Wotiz
  • 'Net Radio by Bertrand Achard
  • FM Receiver by Charles Schee and Karen Lynn Steelman
  • A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller by Eric Gagnon
  • Stealth Keyless Entry System by David Brown
  • A Differential Scanning Calorimeter by Brian Millier
  • USB Audio Card by Havent Chen
  • AVR Electronic Metronome by Michael Kirkhart


Scott McOlash

Visualizing History

Record and View High-Level Software Behavior

Software can be challenging to understand, especially when it doesn't behave as expected. Traditional debugging tools and techniques provide insight into what your code is doing, but only at a low level. Fortunately, Scott can teach you a better way to visualize the high-level behavior of software systems.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

RabbitWeb HTTP Server

Neither power outages nor hurricanes can keep Fred from helping you create web page interfaces that control Rabbit-based embedded systems. Read on to learn how he recently built a RabbitWeb HTTP server under some of the worst conditions imaginable.


Bob Armstrong

Artificial Life Display

Part 1: Design Basics

Bob's artificial life display simulates a cellular automaton designed by John Horton Conway in 1970. Is this more art than engineering? The answer is in the eye of the beholder. In the first part of this series, Bob shows you how his innovative design works.



Philip Nowe

An FPGA Experimenter's Board

Philip sees an FPGA in your future. Why? They're inexpensive, and you can tailor them to meet your design goals. Read on to learn how easy it is to build a Spartan-3-based FPGA experimenter's board.



Tom Napier

Reference Generation

Build a 60-Hz Generator with an NCO

Is it possible to generate a pure 60-Hz sine wave with an NCO? After crunching some numbers and looking through past issues of Circuit Cellar , Tom did just that. Read on to learn how he used a PIC-based firmware NCO to build a 60-Hz generator.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Position Statement

Tom says Xemics's SlimGPS represents a technological breakthrough that will bring GPS capability to a slew of products like cell phones, PDAs, and economy cars. Not only is the tiny, low-power, three-chip module easy to work with, it's surprisingly affordable.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

What's Another Watt or Two?

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