Circuit Cellar Ink 174
January 2005

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Jennifer Huber

HTML Task Manager

When Homemade is Better


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • INT5500CS 85-Mbps powerline networking chipset from Intellon Corp.
  • LiveDesign FPGA software and evaluation boards from Altium Ltd.
  • uM-FPU IEEE 754 floating-point coprocessor from Micromega Corp.
  • LTC4060 battery charge controller from Linear Technology Corp.
  • Crossware 8051 Development Suite from Crossware Products


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Miguel Sanchez

Build a Digital Video Recorder

After learning that personal video recorders (PVR) weren't available in Spain, Miguel decided to build his own. To do so, he compiled some useful information about building a system with Linux and a DVB-S digital satellite receiver card. Read on to learn more about the hardware and software you'll need to get the job done.



David Smith

HTML Microcontroller-Based Nitrox Analyzer

Many scuba divers prefer to breathe Nitrox instead of regular air when they dive. To do so safely, they must use a special analyzer to measure the percentage of oxygen in the tank. David recently designed his own AT90S4433-based Nitrox analyzer.



Bob Armstrong

Artificial Life Display

Part 2: Construction

Last month Bob described how his artificial life display simulates a cellular automaton designed in 1970. Now it's time to learn how he assembled the system and brought it to life.



Brad Stewart

Z8 Encore!-Based Audio Processor

Rather than shell out big bucks for a karaoke and audio effects processor, Brad hit the work-bench and built a programmable Z8 Encore!-based system from scratch. Fortunately, he took copious notes as he assembled the hardware and wrote the code. In this article, he walks you step by step through each phase of the design process.



Warren MacEvoy
Dan Stadelman

PC-Controlled RC Device

Warren and Dan recently reverse engineered an RC transmitter, connected the transmitter to a PC, and wrote control software. The result is a platform from which you can build and control everything from simple RC car designs to complex artificial intelligence systems.



Shlomo Engelberg
Jonathan Garzon
Naor Afgin

Signal Processing with the ADuC812

Digital signal processor chips can be hard to understand. They also tend to be peripheral-poor, so if you want to use one in a signal processing application, you have to add peripherals. Shlomo, Jonathan, and Naor have an alternative: signal processing with a peripheral-rich ADuC812 microconverter.



Olin Lathrop

Digitally Control Power Factor Correction

Looking for an affordable way to control switching power supplies and power factor correction? Olin's got the solution. Replacing analog control electronics with digital processing power creates the possibility for new control schemes. For instance, you can use a digital processor to implement new algorithms like the PFC algorithm Olin describes in this article.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

HTML Light-to-Frequency Conversion

Part 2: Pulse and Oxygen Content

Last month, Jeff showed you how to use a TAOS TSL230R light-to-frequency converter. In this column he describes a TSL230R-based device that allows you to monitor a heart rate.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

HTML Embedded Wi-Fi with TRENDnet

Thinking about building and programming an inexpensive embedded Wi-Fi device? Fred shows you how the TRENDnet Wi-Fi card will make your next wireless design project a cinch.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Hot Enough for You?

Hot Chips 16 Roundup

Hot Chips 16 featured lectures on topics like wireless sensor networking and molecular electronics. This month Tom brings you up to speed on the sizzling technology coming your way.


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

Domestic Reality in the Global Community

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